August 7, 2017 Ramya Rao, @ramyanexus

In the July 2017 release of Visual Studio Code (version 1.15), we're shipping a better Emmet experience which has been in preview for the past 2 releases.

It's features include:

  • Emmet abbreviation expansions in suggestion/auto-completion lists.
  • Multi-cursor support for most Emmet actions.
  • Updated support for custom Emmet snippets.

As part of this update, we have re-written all of the Emmet actions using new npm modules from @emmetio.

An important change is that the Tab key is no longer the dedicated keyboard shortcut for expanding Emmet abbreviations. Instead, Emmet abbreviations will now appear in the suggestion list. They can be selected like any other smart completion and on selection, the abbreviation will be expanded.

This may take some getting used to but we think you'll see the benefits of Emmet abbreviations being treated as suggestions or smart completions. You can still bind any keyboard shortcut (other than Tabkey) to the editor.action.emmet.expandAbbreviation command or use Emmet: Expand Abbreviation from the Command Palette.

Read on to learn about the Emmet 2.0 changes in Visual Studio Code.

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