Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57

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    Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57

    Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57

    Last Updated: 14 Nov 2017 at 11:58

    UPDATE 11/14: Introducing the New Firefox: Firefox Quantum - Windows 10 Forums

    ...The message isn’t subtle: Firefox 57, a massive overhaul due November 14, is ready for battle. Its main rival is Google’s Chrome, which accounts for 54 percent of browser usage today as measured by webpage visits using PCs, tablets and phones. Apple’s Safari has 14 percent, while Firefox has 6 percent, according to analytics firm StatCounter. Chrome lured tens of thousands of us away from Firefox after it debuted in 2008.

    But Firefox 57 could be the version that gets you thinking about returning — and maybe about saving the web, too. Mozilla began testing Firefox 57 on Wednesday, the culmination of more than a year of engineering work.
    PaulGo's Avatar Posted By: PaulGo
    03 Aug 2017

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    We choose Chrome over Firefox at work because we were able to lock it down, configure it via gpo and it supports windows authentication.

    Until Firefox adds those components, we won't even consider it.
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    All I know that many Firefox users are unhappy with this and are leaving in droves. They cannot fight a war that they have already lost.
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    Decent article but too much admitting defeat dialog! Bad PR, just get on with it!
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    Was firefox user when it was good and that means last version was 3.61..after so many problems with flash and memory leaks at the time I switched to chrome and never looked back.. chrome just works and when you get used to profile synchronization and google apps/docs its just better..
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    I flat out will never use software (i.e. Chrome) that sneaks onto my computer on the back of something I'm downloading. Never have, never will.
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    So many people would say oh privacy oh that and that, every and each government already got information about each individual no matter who is that individual is, If you got nothing to hide then there is no need to be afraid of and hey there is Tor and Dark/Deep web for people in those needs, I was using Firefox long time ago but not until Chrome Deputed love its features and advanced configuration for system admins and group policy easy compatibility, sure chrome got one issue which ram usage but its 2017 and what the hell are doing if you got less than 8GB of RAM? It uses that much ram because it does what it says faster and better web browser.

    last week in a small company I work for as a part-time IT and had new laptops and their users are old experienced people in their type of work but you know they lack technicality they both asked I want this site in my new laptop and that and my password for gmail I don't want to type it anyway, easy why? Profile Synchronization, just added gmail to new laptop and BAM! saved me a lot of stuff like importing/exporting bookmarks and password and history....... not to mention the extensions which will automatically install. or the tab synchronization sometimes I need my opened tabs that in my Home PC in my Work servers no need to go and search or to go to that site, one click and tabs are there. and sure I also care about some privacy but really? that's why I'm going to downgrade from best to bad? just cause of privacy? I'm not paranoid that much, as I live in Iraq I'm pretty sure all my personal information are in the governments hands so why not take the best of it?

    Sorry that was long.... :)
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    Haven't used FF for so long, I like my Palemoon browser and I truly do NOT like the FF interface. I don't think I will be running back to it.
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    Windows 10

    Using Chrome and Firefox equally, but...

    ... the alleged new FF57 logo??? Ah... NO!!!

    Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57-000379.png
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    Windows 11 Pro 22631.3447

    If they made a quality product they would not have to worry. Firefox crashes way too many times for me using Fx 54.0.1. It does not like Twitter..
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