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    Installed 57 and it does seem quite a bit faster than current FF. It picked up all my regular FF settings and data, so there was nothing to do except apply Edwin's suggested settings. 2 of my add-ons have a "Legacy" tag, but they are still working. I'm guessing they won't work when 57 is officially released in late November? I'm keeping 54.01, but will switch my daily browsing to 57.
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    Starting with Firefox 55, scheduled for an August 8th, 2017 release, unloaded tab handling in the Firefox web browser got a whole lot better.

    This should have a positive impact on all Firefox users who restore the last browsing session on start of the browser. It improves the time it takes to load the browser and also the memory consumption.

    To hammer home the point, Mozilla employee Dietrich Ayala ran a test with a Firefox profile with 1691 open tabs in the browsing session.
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    Well, FF has been my 'daily driver' ever since a computer build in 2006, after I bought the TV capture cards. Then I ported over settings from Netscape into it, then a year later moved to the portable versions which saves me headaches every time I slap a new box together but for right now the portables haven't caught up to the desktop versions except 54.0.1. Then K-Meleon was resurrected, so I got rid Chrome then, which was only used as a backup, as sometimes NoScript prevents me from closing a buying session when it won't go to checkout but I made a work-a-round using copy and paste of URLs to complete transactions securely, and K-Meleon doesn't need some stuff [Gekko engine] like Classic Theme Restorer because it has retained its' original configurability and reflects my desktop appearance on both the W10 test bed and my W7 daily driver where Chrome just uses its' own colours. I can run both FF and K, whereas Tor always pops a dialogue saying another instance is running, or vice versa when FF claims another instance of it is running, or it just may be how the portable applications run. Haven't figured that out yet. Only use Opera for reading the "Smart Canucks" on-line shopping flyers whenever the newspapers don't get delivered and only use IE for these forums. So looking forward to FF57 portable.

    EDIT: Have the majority of FFv57 quirks calmed by use of a new userChrome.css file so this post is somewhat obsolete.
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    Windows 10

    Add-ons are going fast!
    Visit the Add-ons page in Nightly 57, tons of them are now incompatible!
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    xxwhackerxx said:
    ok i have two issues first one is the exit button doesn't work, nor does going to file and then exit. I have to rightclick the icon on the taskbar and exit from there. the second one is i cannot find the about:config tweak i used to get all my addons to work. Anyone having it please post it. thanks
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    xXWhackerXx said:
    Have you tried reinstalling Fire Fox? I don't think the old methods to make add-ons compatible works any more. I tried searching for a solution and none of the old methods worked.
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    MetalSaint said:
    So many people would say oh privacy oh that and that, every and each government already got information about each individual no matter who is that individual is, If you got nothing to hide then there is no need to be afraid of ....
    I loathe that as a reason to forgo privacy. However, from a software standpoint, I agree that privacy doesn't work for the industry. Telemetry helps target and focus advertising, and geo-tracking helps search act in a more customized way. Those fans of Duck Duck Go fail to win me over. Show me search results BETTER and MORE REFINED than Google, and I'll switch.

    Sorry , but tracking you is WHAT makes Google work better (and keep in mind that I'm not a fan, but I choose to face reality)
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    Winuser i just used it right after in installed the 57 nightly, so yes currently it does work.

    yes this has always been pure bs "
    If you got nothing to hide then there is no need to be afraid of ...."
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    xXWhackerXx said:
    ok i have two issues first one is the exit button doesn't work, nor does going to file and then exit. i have to rightclick the icon on the taskbar and exit from there. the second one is i cannot find the about:config tweak i used to get ALL my adons to work. anyone have it please post it. thanks
    I just close it using the x in the menu bar. I only use 57 compatible extensions.
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    bo elam said:
    As I see it, I have to stay with Firefox even though I don't like Australis or anything that makes Firefox look and function like Chrome. I thought about switching to something like Palemoon, but there is no gain doing that as my favorite extensions (NoScript and ABP) are following Firefox and will develop their extensions for the new Firefox. If they would at the same time continue developing their extensions for Palemoon, etc, would be a different story but that's not gonna happen. I only use 4 extensions, the one I am going to miss is Classic theme restorer. Sad end for a fantastic addon. I ll get used to tabs on top but its going to be hard for me not using the bookmark sidebar as they came with old browsers and was easy to set up with CTR.

    Well Pale Moon does have Ad-Block Latitude so that will remain XUL compatible (and updated). Not sure about No Script.
    As for tabs below the address bar, there is userChrome.css code that will do that for you, and it STILL works on Nightly 57. I'll have to find it and paste it here.
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