Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57

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  1. Golden's Avatar
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    macOS High Sierra
       04 Aug 2017 #20

    All this whining about Chrome invading their systems uninvited is quite laughable....too many people just clicking "Accept" without reading whats in front of them
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  2. Josey Wales's Avatar
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       04 Aug 2017 #21

    magilla said: View Post
    Likewise, I don't want it, don't like it, and don't appreciate all the times it has invaded my privacy.
    But it is OK for Windows 10 to do the same..
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  3. Fisher Mann's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro x64 18277 Fast
       04 Aug 2017 #22

    Been using FF Developer Version and Nightly for some time with no complaints. I also use Bing and Opera about the same. Just like to vary things I guess. I stopped using Nightly because LastPass quit working after one of the frequent updates.
    I was a long time Google/Chrome user and my search engine in Opera is Google. Only reason I dropped Chrome was because I wanted a change.
    Many browsers out there to use, some good some not so much...your choice... if it feels good use it.
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  4.    04 Aug 2017 #23

    Mozilla will never have the resources at they're disposal that Google has, but FF Nightly is honing some nice features!
    Some careful setup and a few choice about:config tweaks makes FF pretty slick!
    (Chrome's just a tad bit more responsive though!)
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  5. Victek's Avatar
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    Windows 10 x64 v1803 Build 17134.1
       04 Aug 2017 #24

    larc919 said: View Post
    I wonder if the estimate of the percentage of people using Chrome as their browser is based on the number of installation file downloads or installs. If it is, the number is severely misleading. I've uninstalled this uninvited and unwelcome intruder dozens of times from my PCs.
    I don't understand why this isn't part of the general discussion. Internet Explorer and Edge come pre-installed and Chrome is often installed because it is bundled with many apps; virtually every computer I work on has Chrome installed and many people don't even know what it is. On the other hand people have to intentionally download and install Firefox, and you'd be surprised by how many don't know how. Unless Mozilla gets into the bundling game they will never appear to be effectively competing.
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  6.    04 Aug 2017 #25

    Golden said: View Post
    All this whining about Chrome invading their systems uninvited is quite laughable....too many people just clicking "Accept" without reading whats in front of them
    That's what I was thinking. I don't remember Chrome ever getting installed on any of my systems without my doing. I watch all of these downloads and unsure to uncheck anything but what I truly need.

    Chrome has been great for me for a long time. They were doing things like syncing bookmarks and stuff long before the competition and that is why I switched.
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  7.    05 Aug 2017 #26

    As I see it, I have to stay with Firefox even though I don't like Australis or anything that makes Firefox look and function like Chrome. I thought about switching to something like Palemoon, but there is no gain doing that as my favorite extensions (NoScript and ABP) are following Firefox and will develop their extensions for the new Firefox. If they would at the same time continue developing their extensions for Palemoon, etc, would be a different story but that's not gonna happen. I only use 4 extensions, the one I am going to miss is Classic theme restorer. Sad end for a fantastic addon. I ll get used to tabs on top but its going to be hard for me not using the bookmark sidebar as they came with old browsers and was easy to set up with CTR.

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  8.    05 Aug 2017 #27

    Just installed Nigtly. Going to test it. Square tabs takes a little to get used too after Australis. Already ran into a problem. A site i visit often isn't displayed correctly. With or without multiprocess enabled, but it's Nightly so
    Last edited by prikker; 05 Aug 2017 at 05:58.
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  9. Posts : 621
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       05 Aug 2017 #28

    I started off with IE and was happy with it until i think it was IE 6 or 7 when they made a change to the URL field incorporating search into and I didn't like that so I started using Firefox full time. FF always had issues especially with Flash - you had to turn off protected mode and this and that. But I found with tinkering that FF worked great for me and there was tons of extensions for everything. I've tried nearly every browser I think. I never liked Chrome and I don't keep it on my machines. Come to think of it, other than maybe adsense and the SE itself, I don't like any of the Google products. I can't stand the design - gmail, chrome, google +, etc. Just doesn't work for me.

    Now I'm actually trying out Pale Moon for the 8th or so time. Pretty snappy browser and it's working well with various videos and sites which is an issue in the past that turned me away. It's definitely faster than FF. I guess I chose a good time to start some browser experimentation given the kind of talk in that article. Getting rid of the search engine url field? Don't like. Membership? Not sure. Super fast browser, sounds good. Loss of some extensions (UO?) - not good at all. I'll try it out but if no like I'll keep an earlier version..
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  10.    05 Aug 2017 #29

    Never liked Chrome , Firefox and it´s pluggin not responding crashes , i use mainly Opera although they kinda ruined it after they went over chromium it used to be faster and you could disable JavaScript.
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