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    JSheridan said:
    Good to know.

    I do like Waterfox, especially since I'll be able to keep using my add-ons and get the Firefox like updates. IMHO it's a nice browser.
    yes & it's getting it own addons site very soon so the addons mozilla will soon be deleting will still be available ... think I'll uninstall desktop firefox very soon & only keep tags on it via portableapps
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    prikker said:
    @barky: The advantage of the removal of xul, is that it will speed up Firefox a whole lot, plus make Fx safer too.
    am quite happy to still have more functionality, customisation options over 'speed' & simply don't care if a browser is a few milliseconds slower rendering pages ... as for safer choose yer addons carefully & that problem vanishes
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    prikker said:
    Download and install the dev:)
    Thanks. I tried it before and I didn't like it.

    I think I'm also concerned long term of where FF is going. If I can't make it look like how I want (and I really don't ask for much) and use extensions how I want then I think I need to start looking elsewhere. But I'll keep an eye on FF. It's been my favorite browser for many years.

    I just tried Waterfox and it was a very smooth install. It imported my FF profile I think into its own directory. So when it launched it looked exactly like my FF. Waterfox seems to be a little slower than PM and FF but the extensions are working and there are a few sites that PM doesn't render right (or perhaps it renders them too right) that WF renders correct. So WF looks like another good potential browser. Have to read more about it.

    Edit: Actually UO still works with FF. I had to uninstall it and reinstall it and now it works fine. Browsers are driving me crazy.

    Looks like cyberfox is dead
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    I have no problems with the dev. Blocks ads and that's all i want. Strange, because when i search for uBlock origin, i can't install it. Only the dev. I have tried Waterfox and Cyberfox, but didn't like them.
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    Windows 10 Home - Version 22H2- Build 19045.3758

    When I started FF55 up earlier, I noticed the icon for UO was gone and it was not functioning. So tried some things, it would come back but then disappear on restart/startup of browser. So then I uninstalled add-on, reinstalled, and now it is working. FF seems significantly slower now though.

    Yup - the new UO webext hybrid ad-on slows down FF - it adds for me 3 seconds over the older "legacy" one.
    (tested on other laptop with legacy version)
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    Nightly (Beta) for Android! Cool!

    Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57-1.png
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    Windows 10 Home - Version 22H2- Build 19045.3758

    I was reading the UO user reviews and I saw a lot of people complaining about what I noticed today. UO is now pushing the hybrid webextension version as of today and it fails (disappears doesn't function) at first on FF55.0.03 and then you have to reinstall it. People have also noticed it is not working properly in general - I just noticed that it slows down the browser. Someone pointed out an older version is still working and I installed that and now FF is back to fast and the extension seems to be working good. I disabled automatic updates for now. I think I'll do the same for the browser. What a pain.
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    Thread Starter
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    Hmm, what to do then? Disable extensions?
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    It says embedded extensions, I only have 4 and they are not embedded in Fx57 AFAIK.
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