Microsoft is ramping up its focus on machine reading as part of the company's growing artificial-intelligence push. Here are a few of the fronts where the company is concentrating.

It's no secret that Microsoft is very focused on applying the set of technologies loosely defined as "AI" to its products and services. The company's combined AI + Research unit, which is now up to 7,500 employees, is evidence of that.

But it's still interesting to see the types of projects the company's researchers deem ready to show off at industry conferences and internal confabs, as this often provides clues as to what Microsoft may be ready to try to commercialize next.

One of these areas where the company is upping its focus is in machine reading, or the automatic understanding of text. At Microsoft's Faculty Research Summit in Redmond this week, officials shared a glimpse of what Microsoft's doing on this front.

On July 17, two Microsoft researchers presented on machine learning. One of these researchers, Jianfeng Gao, Partner Research Manager, also is one of the authors on a paper on a new neural network architecture in which Microsoft has been investing, called ReasoNet...

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