Hi Insiders,

Iím Lishan Yu, Program Manager in PowerPoint team. For those of you enrolled in the Fast builds, Iím excited to introduce a new PowerPoint collaboration feature that helps you spot whatís changed in your presentation. (For those of you enrolled in the Slow builds, youíll get that feature in a week or two.)

As you probably already noticed, documents are shared more and more in this increasingly collaborative world. When you review a shared presentation, you may find yourself wondering what has changed since your last visit. Starting with Version 1708 (Build 8403.1000), PowerPoint can help you quickly identify whatís changed, by which person, and at what time.

Try collaborating with someone on a OneDrive or OneDrive for Business presentation, and see their changes being highlighted as they work.


  • This feature is available for Office 365 subscribers, using PowerPoint for Windows desktop.
  • Both collaborators must be running Microsoft Office Version 1708 (Build 8403.1000) or higher. Otherwise, the feature won't work or the highlight color may appear slightly different.

If you'd like to read more about this feature, you can check out this help article.

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Lishan, on behalf of the PowerPoint Feature Crew

Source: NEW Better way to help you spot changes in PowerPoint decks - Microsoft Community