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       26 Jul 2015 #111

    Frank1 said: View Post
    I've talked to friends about windows 10 and when asking what version of Windows they have, some of them didn't know. When telling them about Windows 10 some had no idea what I was talking about. Now don't misunderstand me; I'm not putting them down for that. I remember the time when the only thing I know about computers was how to turn them on. All I'm saying is that I think that there will be more problems than we imagine.
    Oh, I can imagine them all right, it's same story with every new version and I've been doing it since W 2.0 and before..
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       26 Jul 2015 #112

    Edwin said: View Post
    What may happen on the 29th and following is a flood of concise and exhaustive official 'HowTo' guides for Windows 10 from MS themselves and, we beta testers, who have been bustin our buns for the last six months helping MS get this 'show on the road', with virtually no help from them I might add, are gonna look like a bunch of 'you know whats' because we may have gotten one or two details incorrect!
    gonna look like a bunch of 'you know whats'


    mis-informed know-it-alls

    What are the two things we were incorrect .. the name ... Windows 9 and what else?

    All jest Edwin, I for one, know that you dug deep throughout the preview.
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       26 Jul 2015 #113

    Yes, it is interesting to see which way it will go (mayhem or 'wow, that was amazing').

    After seeing how all my upgrades have gone, in multiple computers, incl an old laptop, I am quietly optimistic.

    It is interesting to see the GWX-Ins entries in the event viewer log. A lot of them seem to be about checking for compatibility.

    Won't be long before we find out!
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       27 Jul 2015 #114

    I've been reading some more on this 'automatic update' situation.

    It seems MS, in their wisdom, have decided it's better to push new features out to consumers and use them as 'beta testers' before giving the features to businesses, so giving business users a more stable environment and more control over it. They also seem to be planning to use the remaining Insiders as testers before any release, so at least there will be some knowledgeable feedback in the pre-release stages (at least while the Insider program continues and has a good number of participants).

    So the average, unsuspecting and un-computer savvy user will be getting new things to deal with unexpectedly. Not sure I can see this being a winner for MS when all these non-business users start complaining. There's nothing worse than needing to get something done and being unable to find things because someone decided to change menus etc.

    I appreciate that business users may be more important than individual consumers, but a lot of unhappy people can make a lot of noise.

    Definitely some fun up ahead
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       27 Jul 2015 #116

    Thank you for this. Seems a cumbersome way to go about it, but at least they have responded to concerns and complaints. In the end MS can't win - they want people up to date for security reasons, but the problems this WILL cause due to broken updates, drivers etc. won't do their reputation any good, as most users won't find that fix and will just have the frustration of a system that ceases to function properly.

    I should have known that Shawn would also be on the case with tutorials. I'm just hoping that, as he suggests, this will definitely work in Home edition.

    And I've also noted the comment (can't remember if it was Shawn or someone else) that System Restore needs to be manually set to create a Restore Point before updates are installed.

    I'll add it to the list of things to do post-upgrade, though I'm definitely going to be checking here for peoples' experiences before I click 'YES'.
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       27 Jul 2015 #117

    Yes, system restore keeps defaulting to OFF with every upgrade, I go in and set only C: drive to keep system restore function.
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       27 Jul 2015 #118

    Wynona said: View Post
    Nah . . . I just didn't know about you. I said, "at least" because I knew there would be more installations than I could either think of, remember or know about.

    I'm not going to the trouble of installing my old Windows 7 Ultimate licenses, since I don't intend to go back to Windows 8.1 anyway.

    I intend to stay on the Insider Program also, but would like to have one partition as the "final" and the other as Insider. Mostly because I'd like to compare the Preview to the actual. I'm still not sure that will be possible, since I only have one Microsoft Account for all my machines.

    Maybe after the upgrade I can change my account. I have seen Aero on this machine at different times, but haven't been able to pinpoint how or why it shows up.
    If you have retail 7 Ultimate you might consider selling them, they fetch a hefty price upgrade or full version as long as they are retail and of course most of what is on Ebay and Amazon's 3rd party sellers are fakes. No one sells Ultimate for $40 ..........legally.
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    ArazelEternal said: View Post
    Upgraded my system with the RTM build of Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. Weirdly enough, it already says it is activated.
    The RTM Build is the last insiders build 10240. It isn't the the upgrade version which is activated when you do the upgrade and you get a unique key then. I'm not sure what the OEMS get but I know they will get unique Windows 10 keys. The insiders won't get keys as they will remain insiders as long as they let their system get updates.
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       27 Jul 2015 #120

    Does anyone know if Microsoft is still running the promo where you can upgrade 10 core to 10 Pro for $1 or 1 ? Might be very handy for those of use who have been testing the Pro version and only have Home versions of 7 Core Version 8/8.1.
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