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The wrong colors has nothing to do with being photographed as digital image. The problem is that you are using a Samsung device. Colors are always wrong on those, has been like this ever since I bought my first Samsung device. There are better mobile cameras out there that produce more realistic if not even almost perfect colors.EDIT: Almost forgot...Your new build looks really amazing! Great job!
While I completely agree with you about samsung devices pushing colors, it's actually not about that in this situation. Because you can go to any of the hundreds of vids about this case online, and it looks bright red in every one of them. But I can tell you, in person it is not bright red at all. It is a much darker copper color. But for some reason, samsung or otherwise, it always shows up bright red digitally. So many different youtube reviews use very different equipment to make their vids. And yet, it's always bright red in every one of them. In any case, I am soooooooo glad it isn't actually that gaudy bright red. I was willing to live with it, because this case is so awesome on so many different levels. But, thank goodness I don't have to. Thanks for the reply.