Story Mode Season 2 launches on July 11! If you’re not familiar with Story Mode, it’s a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure set in the Minecraft universe, full of high drama, plucky underdogs, legendary heroes, dastardly villains, incredible peril and perky pigs. Logically enough, Season 2 follows on from Season 1, with players once again filling Jesse’s cuboid shoes, and with a host of familiar faces in tow - but new players should be able to jump right on board!

I had a chat with Season 2’s lead writer, Eric Stirpe, to get the lowdown on the new and returning characters! Set the scene for us, Eric!

Life has changed a lot for Jesse and the gang since the first season of Story Mode. They've got jobs, responsibilities... and there's just not as much time for adventuring these days. Life is still fun of fun and excitement but it's not quite the same as it used to be. Petra worries that they're in a rut, and often tries to convince the gang to join her on adventures like they used to. Jesse is trying to figure out her priorities, but it's about to get even more complicated…


When Jesse’s hand gets stuck in a cursed gauntlet, events begin to spin out of control, threatening her new life and old friendships. Something out there - something very old, and very powerful - has heard the name Jesse, and wants to know just what kind of hero she is. (Or what kind of hero he is - you get to choose which Jesse you play in Story Mode!)

“Unlike the Witherstorm, which just wanted to devour everything in its path, Jesse's new foe is very intelligent and very, very powerful,” says Eric. “Luckily Jesse's also got plenty of allies, old and new, who will be joining her as her quest takes her to the ends of the earth.”

So let’s find out what Eric has to say about Jesse and the new crew you’ll meet in Episode 1!

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