Microsoft has started posting E3 teaser videos for its Project Scorpio unveiling on Sunday. While the minute-long teasers look innocent, some of them include hidden messages. Twitter users have discovered that one particular teaser includes a “6>4” hidden next to a Ferris wheel. The 6 is greater than 4 message is clearly a references to the 6 teraflops of power in the Xbox Project Scorpio console compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro with around 4 teraflops of power.

In another teaser posted yesterday, there’s a message displayed on a stage with a crowd of people. Microsoft typically uses this type of date format for its Windows and Xbox software builds, so if you separate out the X10S to refer to the console, then the remaining 101317 could mean October 13th. Windows Central points out this is a Friday, a typical console release day. The X10S could mean anything, but it does come just a few days after Microsoft filed a trademark for a mysterious S logo that’s related to gaming.

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