By David Zazoff - May 28, 2017

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is expected to launch a new Windows 10 smartphone dubbed the Surface Phone sometime this year. Last year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hinted that the company is building an “ultimate mobile device.”

Nadella said that Microsoft is thinking about a phone that “may not look like phones that are there today.”

“We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device,” Nadella said, adding that Microsoft is looking at different forms of mobile devices.

Recently, in his first podcast interview with Molly Wood’s Marketplace, Nadella said: “When you say we’ll make more phones, I’m sure we’ll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today.”
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