Windows 10: 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10: ITíS FAMILIAR

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    W7 32 bit, Linux Mint Xfce 18 64 bit
       15 Aug 2015 #50

    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    Well since you asked
    I don't like that they have removed most of the Theme functions;
    1. you can't even create a background color
    2. you can't edit colors
    3. you can't choose how long to make icon spacing without regedit
    4. you can't customize taskbar colors (they only have set choices)

    Windows 7 was best, 8 removed some, but left enough to be tolerable

    I don't like that you can no longer selectively choose which updates you want
    1. what if in the future they remove a feature I like or use, I won't have any control
    2. what if their updates screws up my system, it's happened in all other versions
    3. why not allow updates to be disabled? <---- this really, really bothers me

    I don't like that they removed Media Center, (yes I know) blah, blah
    Regardless, of pro and con of Media Center, many legacy softwares used the default drivers provided
    by Media Center, now they don't function, they could have at least left (or allowed one to install drivers)
    you are not even able to play a dvd, without installing 3rd party software (they abandon everything)

    Let's talk about Edge, since eventually I think they will remove IE all together

    1. I don't like that Edge imports bookmarks in reverse order
    2. I don't like that you can't easily edit bookmarks, it only allows you to delete one-by-one
    3. I don't like that you can't reset Edge to defaults
    4. they said it would have extensions, I haven't heard or seen anything about this

    Let's talk about tablet mode
    1. I am unable to snap to either left, or right screens any more
    2. I much preferred the Metro interface of Windows 8 (but that is a personal issue)
    3. I also miss being able to go to the left upper corner and displaying my different app
    4. For me this tablet mode is just stupid and totally useless

    DirectX doesn't seem to be functional (I am sure they will correct this at some point and time)
    but again, not even 11, 10 or 9c seem to function, I had to search for an old stand alone install for it
    this is really not essential unless you are a gamer, so no biggie

    I really don't like the tiled menu, and I still don't like that you can't pin items to a menu (again personal issue)

    I won't go into the whole vague issue of the free thing, verses licenses (makes my head spin).

    These are just some basic issues I have with it, I could go on, you mentioned some (I like the Charm bar, I thought it was brilliant). But, the above are enough to stop me dead in my tracks for upgrading. It may sound frivolous to some, but for me they are major stopping blocks. Good god it just seems, that it isn't even my machine or Operating system any longer, and after the first year, they want me to pay for this?

    I have been a Microsoft person my entire life, I have gone through every version since day one (bad and good), but this one leaves me wanting. I am good with my Windows 7 & 8 for the next 10 years. I have never really thought about a Mac or Linux, but I am willing to make a switch now, where as before I wouldn't even consider it.

    On the bright side, Microsoft goes crazy every few years, so who knows, they might abandon this and in 10 years we will have an entirely new toy to play with.

    I agree with you for the most part. Here is some info.

    Once you upgraded to 10 at least once and activated on that machine, you don't have to pay to upgrade again or do a clean install even after the free offer expires. Microsoft does have laws to follow in each country I am sure their legal department checked them out thoroughly.

    As for the dvd player. This article explain better than I can

    If VLC can ship a free DVD player, why can't Microsoft? | ZDNet

    Vlc does play dvds on windows 10 provided you have a dvd player. If you have a blue-ray player, vlc should be able to play that as well.
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    LightspeeD said: View Post
    Works great on my laptop. No bugs, glitches or lags. No slowdowns, faster boot & shutdown speeds
    My experience with the conversion to W-10 since 7/29 has been mostly the opposite, bugs, lags, slowdowns and slower boots and shutdowns and this has been on a 6 mo HP Notebook. Better than average i3, 6 GB RAM, mostly used as a back-up for my primary desktop system but no complex programs added. Ran 8.1 flawlessly before the conversion with all current updates, clean SFC. I do admit that I have not experienced any total lock-ups or BSOD's but event viewer shows 40-60 errors of all kinds especially after restart. I have Macrium images before and after the conversion so I am comfortable with being able to manage whatever situation that might arise.

    I am really glad the conversion to W-10 has been mostly problem free for many but looking at the various threads on this forum that has not been the case for a whole lot of users and it seems as though some of the issues are very problematic if not impossible to resolve. Yes, a clean install may be the best answer but I don't think that is realistic for the average PC user.

    I am going to keep W-10 on my Notebook for the time being to see how all this progresses but it will likely be a long time before I try out W-10 on my primary system.

    At this point in time I would not recommend users convert to W-10 until many of the issues are resolved unless they have a secondary PC that can be used as a test machine or they have a good backup scheme.

    I am NOT anti-W-10 because I like many of the features but I do believe that with a couple more months of refinement any conversion will be more seamless.
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