Windows 10: Leaked line-up of Intel Core i9

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  1. Brink's Avatar
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       23 May 2017 #1

    Leaked line-up of Intel Core i9

    A leaked slide suggests that Intel is gearing up to release a 12-core desktop processor as part of a new Core i9 release.

    But does anyone really need 12 cores on the desktop? Or, more importantly, will people pay for 12 cores?

    Here's what the leaked line-up is rumored to look like:

    CPU i9-7800X i9-7820X i9-7900X i9-7920X
    Cores/Threads 6/12 8/16 10/20 12/24
    Base clock (GHz) 3.5 3.6 3.3 n/a
    Boost clock (GHz) 4.0 4.5 4.5 n/a
    L3 cache (MB) 8.25 11 13.75 16.5
    TDP (watts) 140 140 160 160

    As you can probably tell, we're looking at high-end chips here, aimed at workstations, and gamers who have crazy budgets. We're also seeing what is likely to be the first shot across the bow of AMD's newly-released Ryzen chips...

    ...So if Intel can push 12-core i9 processors out the door before the end of the year -- the leak suggests they could land as early as August -- then we have a great chip for workstations and gamers who have deep pockets..

    Read more: Intel Core i9: It's not whether you need 12 cores, but whether you'll pay for them | ZDNet
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  2. z3r010's Avatar
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       23 May 2017 #1

    12 core
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  3. Brink's Avatar
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       23 May 2017 #2

    Oh yes. I hate to see how much it will cost though.
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  4.    23 May 2017 #3

    Intel is giving you a reason to pay the Intel Tax.

    There are lots of people who are probably struggling today with Intel's top of the line CPU's. 3D modelers, for instance. Faster renders are always better for productivity. Video transcoders are another.

    Then there are people who are ok with todays systems, but would prefer a little more breathing room. More responsiveness when the system is under load, more room to burst for performance.

    If those "desktop" systems also come with 8 or 16 DDR4 sockets with minimum quad channel or even octal channel memory, wow.

    As an example, I run a lot of Virtual Machines on my desktop. I have entire enterprise testing environments, complete with domain controllers, sql and web servers, and can easily be running 4-8 VM's plus my normal host workload. I can dedicate a lot more resources with such a setup. But, if the costs are super premium (think Extreme intel chips of today at $1000+ for the chip) then i'm probably not so interested, and will make do with what I have.
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  5.    24 May 2017 #4

    The nice thing, even if you don't buy one, when a faster unit comes out, it usually means that down the road the less powerful CPU's will be reduced in price.
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  6.    24 May 2017 #5

    z3r010 said: View Post
    12 core
    The strange thing is that many Lightroom users are finding that using cpus with more than 4 cores slows the program down!! They are turning off the extra cores. It doesn't seem to apply to everyone; my i7 5930K with 6/12 cores works fine with LR, and turning two off just slows things down. It's a strange world

    Bob Frost
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       24 May 2017 #6

    I bet they would cost at a minimum of $1000. They still can't beat Ryzen when it comes to price/performance.
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  8.    24 May 2017 #7

    RoasterMen said: View Post
    I bet they would cost at a minimum of $1000. They still can't beat Ryzen when it comes to price/performance.

    Amen. Not to mention the fact that Ryzen 2 @ 7nm is on the way.
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  9.    24 May 2017 #8

    RoasterMen said: View Post
    They still can't beat Ryzen when it comes to price/performance.
    These new Intel chips haven't even been released yet. Unsure how we can be sure that Ryzen beats them. Ryzen is still a bit of a rocky road with todays motherboards and chipset drivers. Obviously it's safe to assume that the Intel chips are going to cost more than the AMD Ryzen chips, so they will undoubtedly cost less, but performance is yet to be determined.
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  10. Berton's Avatar
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       24 May 2017 #9

    Considering the progress in technology, I wonder how long after the new CPUs are on the market will it be before the high-power gamers get new games that take advantage of the power.
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