The BUILD Conference was lovely this last week, as was OSCON. I was fortunate to be at both. You can watch all the interviews and training sessions from BUILD 2017 on Channel 9.

Here's a few sessions that you might be interested in.

Scott Hunter, Kasey Uhlenhuth, and I had a session on .NET Standard 2.0 and how it fit into a world of .NET Core, .NET (Full) Framework, and Mono/Xamarin.

One of the best demos, IMHO, in this talk, was taking an older .NET 4.x WinForms app, updating it to .NET 4.7 and automatically getting HiDPI support. Then we moved it's DataSet-driven XML Database layer into a shared class library that targeted .NET Standard. Then we made a new ASP.NET Core 2.0 application that shared that new .NET Standard 2.0 library with the existing WinForms app. It's a very clear example of the goal of .NET Standard.

Then, Daniel Roth and I talked about ASP.NET Core 2.0

Maria Naggaga talked about Support for ASP.NET Core. What's "LTS?" How do you balance purchased software that's supported and open source software that's supported?

Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell teamed up to talk about the Future of C#!

David Fowler and Damian Edwards introduced ASP.NET Core SignalR!

There's also a TON of great 10-15 min short BUILD videos like:

As for announcements, check these out:

And best of all...All .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 APIs are now on at


Source: BUILD 2017 Conference Rollup for .NET Developers - Scott Hanselman