As you may know, I’ve predicted that Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and other hybrid Windows Store apps will be much more popular than Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps on Windows 10. So what did Microsoft say—if anything—about PWAs at Build 2017?

It’s a fair question because the phrase “Progressive Web Apps” was barely mentioned during both of Microsoft’s hours-long keynote addresses. But if you look through the Build 2017 session list on Channel 9—they’re all available for viewing on-demand or via downloads—you’ll find a few PWA-related sessions and events...

What’s a PWA? As Microsoft describes it, PWA is just a marketing name for web apps that work like native applications. That is, a developer can “progressively enhance” a website to turn it into a PWA that works offline, offers push notifications, provides background syncing, and basically works like a native app—is “native-ish”—on Windows and other platforms.

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