MariusPetran said:
Strange thing i observed with Creators Update,i played gta v yesterday,and the game launch in the title bar mode,not in FullScreen,i loaded the game,and the fps was ok,also no stutter,but when i press Alt+Enter to comute to FullScreen,FPS dropped to 30-40,and stutteriing appeaar,what the hell is wrong with Windows,the games was suppossed to give you better performance on fullscreen mode,now with CU you get better performance in Title Bar mode (Windowed).
I can confirm that bug exist in every game,if you switch to Windowed mode,you will get better performance,and this is wrong,i didnt like to play games in Windowed mode & borderless.
I've noticed some programs do work better in Maximized than in Full Screen, guess it takes more computing power for the Full Screen function to fill the whole panel.