Intel just went into full gear for the launch of their next-generation X299 platform. The new platform will be launched next month and it looks like Intel is going unveil the chips at a grand event on 12th June.

It’s Intel, Not AMD, who will be showcasing Next-Gen HEDT Hardware at This Year’s PC Gaming Show – X299 Platform, Kaby Lake X CPUs and More

Unlike the last two events, this year’s PC Gaming Show will be hosted by Intel and PCGamer. The event will focus on several high-end desktop technologies that Intel is bringing for gamers and professional PC users.

The date actually falls in line with our previous reports where we exclusively confirmed that the Intel X299 NDA will end on 12th June followed by market availability on 26th June. There’s also the Kaby Lake X and Skylake X processors which will be unveiled the same day, however, their availability is still planned for a later date...

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