Windows 10 S officially announced

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    Hi there

    RT was even from Day one called "Rubbish Technology" --I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

    Ms has though deep pockets and can learn from its mistakes --trouble is these companies take FOREVER to realize they are on a losing streak --meanwhile the brightest of their staff go and join Apple or some interesting start up companies. !!!! --or even leave the sector altogether -- Try watching BBC Masterchef - you get a lot of ex I.T people on there changing I.T for trying to start their own restaurants etc.

    Plenty of VPN streams / feed if you want to watch and outside UK.

    BBC One - MasterChef

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    Windows->Cloud->Malware has big business scared...even with Google's huge 'telemetry' business model - anyway that's the perception, correctly or otherwise...
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    jimbo45 said:
    If "Farcebook", Amazon, Google, Instagram etc all have problems from time to time to say nothing of big Banks etc why on earth should people put more and more trust in the cloud
    It's all about the convenience of getting to all of your data no matter where you are.

    I use gmail. Why do I like gmail better than using my ISP's mail server and Microsoft Outlook for my personal email? Because I don't require Outlook level functionality, and I want to see my email from home, from my phone, from work, from a friends house, from my tablet, etc. Almost irrelevant to where I am, I can look up an email. It's convenient. I cannot absolute guarantee 100% safety, but its been good enough.

    I use dropbox. Even though I have a file server at home and my important home stuff is on it, Dropbox/OneDrive allows my wife and I to easily share files between each other. It gives us backup copies of all of our files. We just don't store anything with personal data like passwords, social security numbers, bank account information, etc.

    And I am looking into a personal password utility that is on the web. I currently use KeePass, and it's sorta in the cloud. I have it stored in Dropbox. But we need KeePass physically installed to access that database. Sometimes while at work, I need to get to a password. I try to keep long complex passwords and unique password for every website. But there is no way I can remember all of those passwords. Between work and home, I literally have like 125 passwords.
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    W10 Pro + W10 Preview

    This does not interest me, its just a stripped down version for a smaller footprint, in essence this is a marketing strategy by M$, eyeing up in particular schools and colleges where there is a nice fat juicy market to be conquered.

    All the safety features mentioned are already available in W10, others such as Hello and fingerprint recognition are available in Surface Pro 4.

    What does interest me is obtaining a Surface Studio, the impression I get is they don't seem interested in selling it to the general public here in the UK.
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    badrobot said:
    This will definitely FAIL like the Windows RT.
    What MS needs to do is to come up with a different name and stay away from the word "Windows". Because consumer will automatically assume they can install all the x86 software they own when they see the word "Windows". It will cause a lot of disappointment.
    Yup, people will buy them because they are cheap and then proceed to complain they can't run anything on them.
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    I'm actually really liking this idea, if you want full windows then you can just upgrade, if not you are locked into an environment that is hard to screw up - for old parents and kids this is going to cut our fix the pc time as they can't install stuff they shouldn't of.
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    badrobot said:
    This will definitely FAIL like the Windows RT.
    There's a big difference between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 RT: you can upgrade Windows 10 S to Pro if you want.
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    I don't like the sound of these from the FAQ:
    Are there any defaults that I cannot change on my Windows 10 S PC?

    Yes, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Microsoft 10 S. You are able to download another browser that might be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default if, for example, you open an .htm file. Additionally, the default search provider in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer cannot be changed.
    Even Windows 8.1 Bing would let you change the search provider.

    Which apps and hardware work with Windows 10 S?

    ... Many hardware peripherals (such as printers) that work with Windows 10 today will work with Windows 10 S, but may have limited functionality. Since Windows 10 S has just been recently announced, we are working with our partners to provide more detailed information. Please check with your hardware manufacturer or back on this page in June for the latest information.
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    cameos said:
    There's a big difference between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 RT: you can upgrade Windows 10 S to Pro if you want.
    That is true. But I can already see the complaints, "why do I have to buy another version of Windows so that I can use WIndows the way that I always have?".
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    cameos said:
    There's a big difference between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 RT: you can upgrade Windows 10 S to Pro if you want.

    For sure, people will upgrade to 10 after the big disappontment. Good thing they can upgrade rather than get stuck with something they can't use.
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