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    alphanumeric said: View Post
    I use it. I don't like it, but I use it. I can navigate it just fine. I just like the Windows 8.1 setup better. I said that then all of a sudden it became a why are you using 10 then? etc. What I said got exaggerated out of proportion.
    All you had to say was "Because I want to.. that's all".. I don't feel the need to justify the OS I want to use.. I just use it.

    Take care
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    DavidY said: View Post
    I can already type faster than Cortana can process it.
    I would hope so.
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  3.    09 Aug 2015 #2162

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    All you had to say was "Because I want to.. that's all".. I don't feel the need to justify the OS I want to use.. I just use it.

    Take care
    "Because I want to.. that's all".. Couldn't have said it better.
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  4.    09 Aug 2015 #2163

    Man you guys are making me laugh with some of these posts. I feel like I need some popcorn and beer
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    sygnus21 said: View Post
    Man you guys are making me laugh with some of these posts. I feel like I need some popcorn and beer
    Have some with my bunny:
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    sygnus21 said: View Post
    Man you guys are making me laugh with some of these posts. I feel like I need some popcorn and beer
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       09 Aug 2015 #2166

    CountMike said: View Post
    And to think of how happy I was when I got my first Atari 520st that had a mouse that really did something and GUI to use it on. By that time I had just about enough of writing short stories just to format a diskette or run a program and could do a lot with mouse. Since than I use keyboard as little as possible. Most of the time I use mouse for getting around and keyboard only when I have to actually write something.
    When searching for something on internet I use browser and for files "Everything" or Total Commander when it's already opened. I find it easier like that than to have to remember million keyboard shortcuts, by the time I remember what to press and hold on keyboard I could do that using the mouse 3 times over.
    I divide start menu between All Apps and tiles, most used programs are set as tiles in various sizes and rest classic W10 menu. Never have to spend more than couple of seconds in start menu. Only thing I really miss is for Start menu to open on hover when over to button and over All Apps.
    Then we'll have to have a gunfight down at the OK Corral. You bring your mouse and I'll bring my keyboard. I'll be blowing the smoke coming out of the end of the barrel. You'll be...well....on the ground.

    Seriously, we all navigate differently. No shame in any way one does.
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    Note   Note
    As there seem to be new practice here, let's make this completely clear:

    The below represents my personal subjective opinion. If you don't feel as I do and want to counter the arguments I have stated, please do so. You are allowed to think differently, I will not take it negatively or as an insult if you have an opposing view. You have right to present another opinion and I promise I will not hold it against you.

    I like the simplicity of the Start Menu in 10. It's fast to use, both with mouse and keyboard, and it gets the job done. It does what it is designed to do, is effortless and easy to use.

    Win key and start typing, I can find anything on my computer or on the Interwebs. If I know the name of the executable and feel that Cortana is a bit slow sometimes, Win + R + name of the executable launches any program on my system.

    All in all, Start & integrated Cortana makes the use of Windows 10 really easy.
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    HippsieGypsie said: View Post

    New Start menu is not a punch and go with the keyboard as the Start screen is. Start menu is terrible to navigate. Page up/down and Home/End doesn't work in it. In 8.1 Ctrl/Tab gets me to All apps screen instantly from Start screen. No digging/scrolling through All apps menu.

    If I may add > I like Cortana for some features and I think it'll be improved over time such as on the phone, but at this time search in 8.1 is better. More choices of where to search. It opens results in it own WinRt screen saved to reference to if need be, whereas Cortana opens an Edge page or tab then when pressing a result there one loses the original result page.

    BTW, Alpha, did you see I'm now duo monitoring? Not that I know it all that well in 8.1 yet for I just started, but it seems like its better in 10. What are your thoughts?

    All in all it's like Kari just stated, it's free, but free doesn't necessarily make it better. 10 does have some good features we'll never see in 8.1, though. Kind of a tradeoff for me at this time.

    Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 Search Button
    What did you get for new GPU and monitors ? Did you set taskbar to display Start button on both displays ? I find it easier to use like that, also secondary monitor is set to higher size so if I don't see something small on primary I drag it to secondary to see better,
    There's couple of things I don't like, Apps don't open on the display opened on and don't (for most part) remember on which monitor they were opened on previously. I also keep some programs opened on secondary monitor, like Sticky Notes, couple of network monitoring tools, HWMonitor for HW and most of the time windowed TV. Beets switching of active windows to see what's behind. Many other uses like opened Text editor, calculator, picture editor and scratchpad on secondary while using Desktop Publisher on main one. Third monitor is actually a TV with something on all the time, I hate silence.
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    BunnyJ said: View Post
    Have some with my bunny:
    That post is killing me
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