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Latest updates for Windows Desktop

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Enhanced writing assistance with Editor pane
Use the Editor pane for advanced spelling, grammar, and writing styles recommendations. It's built to be accessible with improved support for assistive technologies.

Focused Inbox
Focused Inbox help you focus on the emails that matter the most to you. It separates your inbox into two tabs: Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible, but out of the way, on the Other tab.

Personalize the default PivotTable layout
Set up a PivotTable the way you like, and start with that layout every time you create a new PivotTable.

Narrate a recording
Include a video of yourself narrating when you make a recording of a presentation. Recordings can include animations, ink, audio, and video.

Cloud attachments just got better

Now, when you save or drag and drop OneDrive attachments to your computer, we download the file for you.

Insert recent links

Easily attach hyperlinks to recent cloud-based files or websites, and create meaningful display names for people using screen readers.

See what's changed
Slides that have been modified by others while you were away are highlighted in green.

Join the Excel Community
Learn how to use Excel, discuss your work, shared tips and tricks, and connect with experts who build and use the product.

Find third-party stencils
Search for third-party stencils provided by selected content providers.

Quick drop-down for setting predecessors
Use the Gant chart drop-down to choose which predecessors or successors you want to link to.

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