Release Date: April 17, 2017 - version 15.2 (26412.01 - Preview)

Summary of Updates in this Release

Top Issues Fixed in this Release

  • A debugger crash in C++ code that uses the typeid operator is now fixed.
  • Customers using website projects would see crashes when right clicking in the solution explorer that are now fixed.
  • A crash when using the HTML editor in .Net core web projects.

What's New in this Release

Data Science and Analytical Applications Workload

The Data science and analytical applications workload provides a one-click install of all your data analysis needs. It includes support for Python, R, F#, and their respective packages/distros to enable acquisition, analysis, and visualization of data all the way through to building and deploying machine learning models.

TypeScript Side-by-Side Support

Multiple versions of the TypeScript compiler may now be used in Visual Studio 2017. During installation, TypeScript 2.2 will be automatically included with the Web, Node.js, Universal Windows, or Mobile JavaScript workloads. TypeScript 2.1 may also be selected from the 'Individual Components' installer page.

By default, the version of TypeScript used by IntelliSense and by the build will be the latest installed. To change the version used by IntelliSense, use the "Tools / Options / Text Editor / JavaScript/TypeScript / IntelliSense" setting shown below. To change the TypeScript version used for building a project, set the MSBuild property <TypeScriptToolsVersions> in the project file (see the TypeScript Handbook for more info on MSBuild properties).

Team Explorer Fixes

Moving or Disabling the Installer Package Cache

When installing Visual Studio 2017 using the command line you can pass --cache to enable the caching policy (default) for the install and subsequent install, modify, and repair operations; or you can pass --nocache to disable the policy which will prevent packages from being cached and remove any packages already cached for the current instance.

The policy can also be changed through the registry and group policy. See our setup blog for more information.

F# Tools Improvements

  • Basic autocomplete support.
  • Ability to Go to Definition when clicking in the tooltip.
  • Mutable values colorized, and other semantic colorization improvements.
  • Project system performance improvements.
  • Large performance improvements all-up.
  • Move Up/Move Down on Solution folder nodes.
  • Intelligent ordering in Completion lists.

One of the features mentioned above, Go to Definition when clicking in the tooltip, looks like this:

Note that an item has an underline. This means it is clickable. In the next update to Visual Studio, more things will be clickable as well.

Source: Visual Studio Preview Release Notes