DNA storage could allow vast amounts of data to be stored for thousands of years.

Microsoft is buying another ten million strands of DNA to use as part of research into new ways of storing digital data.

The long-chain oligonucleotide strands of DNA will be used by researchers at Microsoft and the University of Washington to encode digital data at high density.

DNA's main job, of course, is storing the genetic instructions governing the growth and development of all known living creatures -- something it has done for billions of years. Now scientists are trying to use that ability to store digital data too.

Microsoft made its initial purchase of DNA from Twist Bioscience a year ago, buying 10 million strands of synthetic DNA. Since then the organizations have improved storage density, reducing the cost of DNA digital data storage, by encoding more data per strand: in July last year the Microsoft and Washington researchers said they had stored a record 200 megabytes of data on DNA in a space the size of a pencil tip...

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