How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update

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    Windows 10 Home 20H2

    Matthew Wai said:
    Can your 128 GB USB drive be used to keep personal files?
    johngalt said:
    Yes, it can.
    Do you keep those files in a separate partition containing no ISO file?
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    Windows 10 pro on both

    Ex_Brit said:
    I have 2 Win 10 Pro test installations and 1 Win 10 Enterprise, the latter I just allowed the 1703 update in. It took forever and reverted my display driver to the default Windows one and the Nvidia installer fails to install the current driver every time I try, even when I try a clean installation. Maybe a reboot might help, will check at another time as it took the best part of this afternoon just for this one OS.
    I've booted out to Win 7 where I will stay for a while.
    Other things that needed attention were, the Vista Windows Mail fiddle had to be redone, that now works.
    The boot menu had to be adjusted as this is like a new system installation. If you multi-boot it will place itself as the default.
    I also have to fix my Quicklaunch bar again when I have the time.
    Wow i envy you, only Nvidia is causing trouble for you,
    After the CU my PC Went from i7 4Ghz 16GB ddr3 Asus GTX 1050TI 6GB 1x ssd 500GB "OS" 3x 3TB Hybrids to back in the old days when i had my Commodore 64 with tapedeck ahh those were the days.
    Current scenario:
    Atleast once a day Windows changes my audio output from my SBZ 5.1 to my 40 inch lcd speakers which at best can produce 5mhz with tweaking ofc.
    And when i reboot 1 out of 2 times my Keyboard Gaming software will not load, so open task manager kill process launch software.
    I use Kodi Media Center and i would say 100 out of 100 launches it crashes just as i enter my "stuff" "all legal"
    and 25 times out of 100, Windows has changes my audio output, to my Gaming monitor, not my 40 inch lcd which i also has connected, no very particular, always the gaming monitor.
    And no its not Kodi doing it, i have used kodi for a long time so i know what's what's.
    And ofc my darn mounted drive has gone to sleep, so i have to click it.

    What else ohh yea between 3-5 days my settings change, and what will turn my hair RED and make my blood boil is this as long as i can remember since back when i had Windows XP, the first thing i do with every installation is
    Turn of Sounds
    Turn off Screensaver
    Turn of hibernation, dozing off sleeping at work what ever.
    7 days ago my Kodi started to do strange things, my Slideshow was of by 5 mins, i have it set to idle 10 mins, and the slides were wrong.
    By chance 2 days ago my Windows background went on Holiday, and my Icons went with it, so i entered the personalize AND WHAT DO I SEE Windows has enable a slide show by it self 5 mins idle, so what was messing up kodi was the Windows slideshow i always have turned of, so i checked other stuff
    My screen in power settings were set to go to sleep 20 mins, my setting NEVER, My hd power of 0 My setting 15 mins.

    And today Windows installed more update to repair the update that should update the update.
    If i had a C64 before from when i was 14 years old (current age 44 years ) well now i my PC has the same speed as my first "console" when i was 9-10 my mother bought a Console were you connected it to the TV you then played ping pong with terrible graphics 2 lines each side and a "ball" ping pong ping pong darn annoying sound, anyone old enough to remember that game.

    So i really envy your 1 problem m8
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    Win10 Pro - x64 latest build

    Thanks for confirming I wasn't going mad...!!
    Actually I haven't ventured back into that partition since but obviously I have a lot of things to check when I do.
    Glad to hear an update to the update has been released. They did say they would do that.
    I hope it fixes a few things you mentioned as well as my issues.
    I'm going to hold off updating the other 2 Win 10's.
    Good luck.
    Last edited by Ex_Brit; 14 May 2017 at 07:55.
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    Win10 Pro - x64 latest build

    kimkl said:
    And today Windows installed more update to repair the update that should update the update.
    No updates here so not sure what's going on. I think @Brink would have posted that as news.
    Still stuck in low-res mode due to failure to install the graphics driver.
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    Win10 Pro - x64 latest build

    OK, fixed the Nvidia graphics driver install problem in Safe Mode by a) making an exception for the driver installler in Windows Defender,b) using the latest DDU version then rebooting and c) running the installer as an Admin. (I already am but thought that might help).
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    Windows 11 21H2 (22000.593)

    Matthew Wai said:
    Do you keep those files in a separate partition containing no ISO file?
    Actually, with that setup, I don't need to put them on a separate partition.

    Just any folder I choose.
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2

    johngalt said:
    I find it too difficult for an idiot like me to use, so I will simply put installation files of a different version into a sub-directory if need be.
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    Matthew Wai said:
    I find it too difficult for an idiot like me to use, so I will simply put installation files of a different version into a sub-directory if need be.
    It is not quite that simple as you would have to boot into a winpe environment and be able to navigate to where the setup files are.

    I think this may be possible if the directories
    were on say a Macrium Reflect Rescue Drive but never tried it.
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2

    Files in a sub-directory can be moved to the root directory anytime.
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    I know very little about comupters, but I have windows 10 on mine. When I heard about the ransomeware attack I went in to make sure my updates were current. When checking it started downloading a new one, but stopped at 55%.

    When I looked at the installed updates list, one showed for today from Windows Creators......something I haven't noticed in the past on my updates.

    I don't do gaming or anything special on my computer and I wanted to know if this update is really necessary for normal security purposes, or does it just provide added apps, etc?

    Also, can it easily be uninstalled if it creates problem? Right now I'm not positive it's fully installed on my desktop computer. Please give me some advice, and thanks for your time.
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