What’s new in the Windows 10 Creators Update

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    Windows 10

    This 'old jewel' of mine received CU right away, as well as IP!

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    Cameochi said:
    And some that are not! Black screens, etc. and other issues have been reported. If you asked me before Windows 10 what was the worst OS I ever used it would have been ME. I've used them all and I started in computers before they had a screen to look at. The only OS I refused to buy was Windows 8 but I got stuck using it in the field anyway. I'm a bit behind these days. I hadn't thought about using Macrium in years. Why? Because Windows 7 was rock solid almost from the beginning. I beta tested it with glee. I cannot say the same for Windows 10 which was forced onto my old computer without my consent. Build 1511 literally destroyed it. Did you know that that there is a class action suit against Microsoft in Indiana for their behavior? You may be a Pro on this list but I am a computer veteran who started in 1964. My only goal here was to make sure I did due diligence myself and to help others avoid what happened to me.
    Actually I am a veteran of that era - I started with punch tape on early mainframes!
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    10 + Linux

    Old Intel Mobo

    Another old jewel here: Intel's 2nd generation (Sandy Bridge in BIOS Mode). Upgrade or clean installed went just fine.
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    Windows 10

    Steve C said:
    This is an unbalanced article. What features will be missing like the ability to conveniently set display font sizes without having to resort to REG files?
    Exactly, how about listing those features that we all want, like total control of the UI and how it looks on a day to day basis. I dont care about 3D painting and such. I have 2d and 3d programs for that.
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    Windows 10

    Littlejohn56 said:
    You know I don't think they can anymore. Sure would be nice if if they would fix this problem.
    Sorry i missed your reply. Yes i agree, we are going to have to rely on third parties to achieve this. This is the reason that Apple have IOS for Phones and MacOS for computers, because they knew the problems of having just one OS. We are now forced to suffer because they want a universal OS that runs on every screen from a phone to multi monitor PC and its does neither very well.
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    W11 pro 64 beta channel

    I did the update on my laptop and there were a number of things that you could opt out of. I opted out of most, including Cortana, and blow me, the very next screen had Cortana instructions on it.
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    Windows 10

    Cameochi said:
    One person on another site had only a black screen. A few people reports issues with video. It is weird that you could not resize the screen but glad you were able to get it fixed. I was fortunate here and the screen size was fine. I got a black screen this morning but then it came up but that could be one of the cats messing around.

    I don't know if anyone saw this but computer systems mfg before 2013 will not get the creator's update.
    The inability to increase my screen to fill the monitor window also happened when I upgraded from Windows-7 to Windows-10 in September 2015. Had to do a similar (maybe the same, I forget) registry hack at that time too.

    My P.C. is an HP Pavilion 2009, with original bios and video card (ATI HD4350). Performed the Upgrade to Creators flawlessly. Took about an hour, with 3 auto-restarts.

    I don't game or do 3-D stuff. See no difference in everyday browsing of the internet, but maybe the "improvements" are under the hood things which aren't noticeable to average users like me. The only annoyance is that my computer now takes almost 2 minutes to boot-up. (I shut down cold every night) Before the Creators Update my daily boot-up was a little under a minute.
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    Windows 10 Home

    Registry changed too

    I just noticed that the CU removed my hacks from the registry. I like to add the "Copy To/Move To" right click shortcut. It's so useful I can't understand why MS doesn't make it a standard feature.

    I use it so frequently that it only took a day after CU to notice that it was gone. Not hard to put back of course. Just wonder what other changes to my settings there might be that I haven't discovered yet?
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    Win 10 Home Single Language, Ver 1809, Build 17763.379

    My PCs bios dates from 2009/06/03. Update loaded fine. And yes I also started in this game in 1969 on IBM main fames with punch tapes and then later punch cards.
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    TCP improvements in the Windows network stack (Creators update):
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