I am Shashank Gandhi, and I work as a Program Manager for team Visio at Microsoft. Back in October 2016, we released an early preview of the Data Visualizer feature in Visio. We created this feature for those of you who would like to present your process map requirements captured in Excel in a structured format, and automatically convert those to diagrams. This helps with:

  • Generating standardized data driven diagrams
  • Creating diagrams quickly by converting Excel data to Visio diagrams

We’ve received some fantastic feedback on the Data Visualizer feature (referred to as Visio smart diagrams earlier) from Insiders. Your insights have been invaluable for us as we continue to make improvements on this feature. As our valued Insider, we are pleased to share with you a first look at the improvements we’ve made since we announced this feature last fall.

You can get a quick overview by watching this video:

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