At Skype, we’re constantly working to develop new ways to help you make connections with friends, family and coworkers easy and natural.

With this in mind, we are expanding our Skype extension for Google Chrome to enable Skype integration across more of the online tools you use every day, including calendars, email, and even social media. With the latest update of the Skype extension for Chrome, you can create and insert Skype call links with just one click or tap, from right within your email, calendar item, or tweet.

This update comes in addition to the already offered Skype extension features, such as the ability to communicate directly from within your browser, share web pages and launch Skype with one click or tap.


Add a Skype call link from within the email composition window in Gmail, Google Inbox, and

New email in

New email in Gmail

New email in Google Inbox


Create Skype call links right inside your calendar items in Google Calendar and

New calendar item in calendar

New calendar item in Google calendar


Add a Skype call link for an “Ask Me Anything,” webinar, or open meeting while you’re composing your tweet.

Tweet composition field in Twitter

It’s easy to install the Chrome extension if you don’t have it already. Just visit the Chrome store and select Add to Chrome.

Source: New Skype Extension Update for Google Chrome - Skype Blogs