Hi Insiders!

My name is Emily, and I知 a PM on the Office Graphics Team.

I知 here to tell you about the new digital ruler in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows desktop, which is available today in Office insider Fast builds. (To turn it on, click Draw > Ruler.)

Check it out!

We created this feature for those of you who use digital ink to illustrate ideas or use shapes to build visuals! Several users have seen the Ruler in the Windows Ink Workspace and requested it in Office.

If you池e using a touch device, you can use your pen or finger to draw lines and align objects against the ruler, which functions as a straight edge. (In the future, we値l make it so you can use the ruler with a mouse, too.)

Scenarios To Try

  • Move the ruler around
    • One finger moves it up-down, left-right
    • Two fingers to move and rotate the angle
    • Three fingers to move and rotate it by 5ー at a time
  • Draw straight lines quickly with a pen or highlighter
  • Create new illustrations by using the Segment Eraser on intersecting ink lines
  • Snap shapes against the ruler
    • Shapes will snap directly to their edges
    • Icons, pictures, text boxes, and more will snap to their bounding box
  • Slide objects along the ruler until you池e happy with their placement

Known Issues
  • The Ruler does not exist for builds below Windows 10 RS1 RTM ("Windows 10 Anniversary Update") (Build 14393)
  • When you move your content away from the edges of the canvas, the background may shift away from ruler
  • Tick marks are not to scale in inches or centimeters

How to Send Us Feedback

To get in touch, do any of the following:

  • Respond to this post or tweet at @OfficeInsider.
  • On the PowerPoint UserVoice site, make a suggestion that others can upvote.
  • Inside PowerPoint, click File > Feedback.


The Office Graphics Team

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