Intel should be very worried about AMD's Ryzen 7 processors

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  1.    04 Mar 2017 #80

    The real numbers

    kipper said: View Post
    I am thinking that a good number of consumers that are considering upgrading to include gamers will take into consideration that the frame-loss while gaming might be acceptable considering that you can buy the top-shelve Ryzen and the top of the line GPU for the same money you will spend on the top Intel processor.......

    I am not an AMD fanboy but I am a cost conscious consumer and for the money AMD is still a good option....

    I've actually been thinking about this. Let start with some basic truths... how many actually run Intel's 6 or 8-core processors vs the standard 4-core i7? If we look just within tenforums I'd guess maybe 20 percent run 6-8 core processors. So, that now leaves 80 percent running i7, i5 & i3 processors. So, let’s say only 5 percent run i3’s. That leaves 65 percent of us (me included – i7) running i7’s and 15s. BTW these numbers are a wild guess, but empirical evidence says they’re about right.

    With that we’re looking at about 75 percent of the community running i7/i5 processors. This is the bulk of Intel’s sales to the consumer market. Now, when we look at the i7/i5 chip prices they all under $400 bucks and currently perform just as well if not better than AMD’s $500 ($499) dollar R7 1800X chip. Here’s a current look at the Skylake i7/i5 prices (Newegg). BTW we can see Intel has already dropped prices…

    • I7-6700K - $309.99
    • I7-6700 - $314.99 (why this is priced higher, I’ve no idea)
    • I5-6600K - $239.99
    • I5-6600 - $219.99
    • And here’s the i7-7700K Kaby lake processor at $349.99

    Well, if I’m a gamer, and reading the Ryzen reviews, those Intel prices look damn good compared to any of the Ryzen chips – $499.99 (R7 1800X); $399.99 (R7 1700X); $349.99 (R7 1800). And they perform better in gaming!

    Where’s the real price advantage? Yeah, you get an 8-core chip for a really good price, but for gamers (were the chips really count), there’s nothing there to make me say AMD. And for the everyday i3, 5, and 7 user where 8-cores mean nothing there, now you’re paying higher prices for an AMD chip! Given Intel's brand name It seems all they had to do was drop prices below AMD, and wholla, all is good in Intel land. What advantage!?!?!

    With that, If AMD wants to win this battle, they’d better fix their gaming performance quick or it’s lights out!

    My two cents.
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  2.    04 Mar 2017 #81 thing is for sure.....AMD has us all talking about the state of things......LOL

    If the game producers do start optimizing games for the AMD processors as some of them say they are then things might all equal out but for now if you are mainly a gamer then Intel is probably your best bet.......
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  3.    04 Mar 2017 #82

    Even if you aren't a gamer, given the lower prices coupled with Intel's brand name puts AMD in a corner. Especially for those of us in the know. AMD better get it together quick.
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  4.    04 Mar 2017 #83

    lehnerus2000 said: View Post
    Intel would have to literally decimate prices to get them down to AMD levels (here in Australia).

    At my normal parts supplier (most expensive CPU):
    • Intel i7-6950X (~$2300)
    • AMD FX-8350 (~$230)
    Thats like saying that a Mercedes-Benz is very expensive compared to a Honda. Mercedes-Benz doesn't have to decimate prices to compete with Honda.

    What is your price on a core i5-6600k in australia. Bet its around $350. Where is your massive savings now.

    You cannot just say well here is the most expensive Intel chip I can find. That would be like comparing the highest level Benz to the highest level Toyota. It doesn't make sense to compare the two.
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  5.    04 Mar 2017 #84

    Yeah, I am not feeling the Ryzen. It's likely another hype train. "If" everybody retools for a miniscule percentage of the market share, we might really have something special. Why will others bother to overhaul their games for AMD architecture?
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  6.    05 Mar 2017 #85

    For most casual gamers would be FPS/$$ ratio.
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  7. Cliff S's Avatar
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       05 Mar 2017 #86

    Ond one more point:
    Microsoft works closely with Intel
    For example, the 4K Netflix streaming and the newer Kaby Lake chips.
    In an effort to placate the studios, Microsoft introduced "PlayReady 3.0" with the Windows 10 Anniversary update. PlayReady 3.0 is a hardware-based DRM (digital rights management) system that requires dedicated decoding hardware, either on the CPU or on the graphics card, preventing the video stream from being captured in software or via an external capture device.
    There's also the matter of hardware decoding support for 10-bit HEVC, the 4K codec used by Netflix and other streaming services. Currently, only Intel's seventh generation Kaby Lake processors support 10-bit HEVC decoding. Older sixth generation Skylake CPUs only support 8-bit HEVC decoding. Technically, Nvidia's 10-series graphics cards—including the GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060
    —feature 10-bit HEVC decoding and PlayReady 3.0 support, but aren't listed as compatible.
    Netflix 4K streaming comes to the PC—but it needs Kaby Lake CPU | Ars Technica

    And AMD???
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  8.    05 Mar 2017 #87

    I think if game developers started to use other APIs rather than ancient DX9.x things would positively change for AMD. I am pretty sure Ryzen would perform a lot better if using Vulkan (Remember that VEGA release is just around the corner. Let's see if AMD can pull out something good both at the hardware and drivers level). Unfortunately most games (both existing and to be released) use D3D. The same applies for other platforms other than Windows. I think it's not gonna happen.
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  9.    05 Mar 2017 #88

    If you put faith in game companies 'fixing" games for Ryzen I have some swamp land for you in Arizona. They only care about unit sales, period.
    Game companies don't even release games optimized for Intel anymore, so now they will magically optimize for Ryzen, yeah sure they will. I can't remember the last game released that was ready to go on release day. They hype them and try to beat each other to market and finish the games along the way, sometimes.
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       05 Mar 2017 #89

    I am not an AMD fanboy, but here is some AMD RYZEN 1800X build porn from JayzTwoCents(around 6:17):
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