Microsoft's latest OneDrive roadmap shows Q2 2017 as the ship target for a long-awaited feature: Differential sync.

Microsoft roadmaps are fluid things -- sometimes so fluid that a subtle change may go unnoticed by many (especially me).

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Credit: Microsoft (January 2017)

A prime example of this: The OneDrive roadmap.

I hadn't noticed until a reader (thanks @BrokenCanoe) asked me yesterday when and if Microsoft planned to provide differential sync in OneDrive.

Last February, Microsoft listed differential sync -- the ability to sync only the parts of files that had changed, not entire files -- as a firm commitment, but with no specific public release target.

Differential sync is a much-requested OneDrive feature, as it will save time and bandwidth. And it's a feature that OneDrive rival Dropbox, for one, already has...

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