Windows 10: Google and Microsoft agree crackdown on piracy sites in search results

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    Google and Microsoft agree crackdown on piracy sites in search results

    Google and Microsoft agree crackdown on piracy sites in search results

    Google and Microsoft pledged on Monday to crack down on sites hosting pirated content that show up on their search engines.

    In what is being called a first of its kind agreement, Google and Microsoft's Bing will demote U.K. search results of copyright infringing websites. Under the "code of practice", Bing and Google have agreed to remove links to infringing content from the first page of results.

    The voluntary agreement was brokered by the U.K. Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the government department that deals with patents and copyright issues, who called it a "landmark" deal.
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  2.    20 Feb 2017 #1

    Good stuff, if it works.

    What really pisses me off is the first 4 or 5 entries at the top of a search being fake sites for what ever your looking for. Instead of getting your free ABC Antivirus you get malware.
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  3.    20 Feb 2017 #2

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    Good stuff, if it works
    "If it works" is the question indeed.

    Either it will end up blocking/demoting legitimate things it shouldn't (Like this: UBUNTU users -- Paramount orders Google to take down Links to the OS !) or will be ineffective in stopping people who are determined anyway.

    My guess is it will fail on both counts.

    Whether search engines should censor results at all is another question of course - most likely one for another forum :)
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  4.    20 Feb 2017 #3

    Again we have another scenario where good people, good websites are going to get the shaft because of bad people and websites. Reminds me of a trivial medication thing. The FDA saw fit to take off the shelves a nasal decongestant because they found out illegal drug people were using it to make crack or whatever. Mind you, I have had chronic sinusitis for years and it is the best medicine I have found to clear my sinuses. Now I have to sign for it and only allowed a certain amount. Is this fair? I have to be a second class citizen because of drug dealers/makers? When you start things like this you are taking away from good people. Nobody sees it that way for some reason.....I wonder why?
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    lol Kari! You see my point was that when does it become impossible to call the internet a free place? If they keep adding more and more restrictions based on "some" misuse where does it end? I am 57 and have been around computers and the internet a long time and the path keeps getting narrower and narrower. What once we thought would "free" or "unleash" the world is now becoming a nightmare. lol Do we want unimpeded internet or a closed internet which is very unuseful? First they said the internet will bring the world together. Now they say wait a minute we can't let you access a whole bunch of stuff or we will hide it from search results. Free or not? That is the question. I'm afraid the answer is going to be or not and the demise of the internet as we once knew it.
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    chuck1959 said: View Post
    Do we want unimpeded internet or a closed internet which is very unuseful? First they said the internet will bring the world together. Now they say wait a minute we can't let you access a whole bunch of stuff or we will hide it from search results.
    That is what AOL tried to do is it not? It didn't work for them (not that what happened in the past is a predictor of the future of course).

    I'm not against a bit of default filtering on search engines TBH. I certainly don't want to get hundreds of results for porn sites if I'm looking for something else using the TV as a screen in front of my kids. Nor do they I imagine - it is embarrassing for everyone.

    As long as you can turn it off if you want and it is clearly explained what is being blocked. Filtering as some pressure group disapproves seems unfortunate whether you agree with their argument or not.

    There are countries (I don't currently live in one but I have) where sharing things copyrighted in the same country (let alone another) was perfectly legal if it was not for personal gain. Conversely I lived in UAE where Skype was banned (as it reduce income for the Telecom company owned by the ruling Family) and everyone (literally almost everyone, even the poorest) would simply pop over to Oman or wherever and download it.

    The argument that some sites should not be shown on Google is rather like suggesting one should not be able to buy fertilizer for your garden and sugar for your tea as you may mix them together. Perhaps 1 in a million would but for the other 999,999 it just makes life more annoying.
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  8.    20 Feb 2017 #7

    I guess 'search result removed as a result of a DMCA complaint...' is too labour intensive.

    I therefore look forward to a Google and Bing (LOL) free of all mention of pirates and torrents, and other such keywords.
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    Oh, I so hate when they start fiddling with search results. I bet Google will do as good of a job with search results as they do with automatically managing my incoming mail. Most of the relevant stuff ends up in the junk bin. And I'm not talking about some dodgy spam, but valid posts from places like Microsoft or other big companies and even mail from my government services.

    And Bing, gosh, if it would find more than 1 of 10 relevant hits, I look for, it would be great. After this "downgrade" Bing can't find anything anymore, for sure.

    Filtering all the crap away is a good thing, but I am certain of it, it will produce more problems than it will be useful. Has happened every time Google has added some minor filters to their searches. And in the future we will see more ad promoted hits and less search relevant hits, if the trend holds.

    Good luck with filtering the content. It will be a mess.
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  10.    20 Feb 2017 #9

    curious.....couldn't one just log on with tor browser and look for things in other search engines, seems to me it will always be out there whether Microsoft or google try to hide it.
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