Starting in the latest Insiderís build, you can resize the display for a session in Virtual Machine Connection just by dragging the corner of the window.

When you connect to a VM, youíll still see the normal options which determine the size of the window and the resolution to pass to the virtual machine:

Once you log in, you can see that the guest OS is using the specified resolution, in this case 1366 x 768.

Now, if we resize the window, the resolution in the guest OS is automatically adjusted. Neat!

Additionally, the system DPI settings are passed to the VM. If I change my scaling factor on the host, the VM display will scale as well.

There are 2 requirements for dynamic resizing to work:

  • You must be running in Enhanced session mode
  • You must be fully logged in to the guest OS (it wonít work on the lockscreen)

This remains a work in progress, so we would love to hear your thoughts.


Source: Introducing VMConnect dynamic resize | Virtualization Blog