Today we have another update to Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate.

Known Issue: Please install the update by opening the Visual Studio Installer from your Start menu or by selecting the link above. We are currently fixing an issue with launching the update from within Visual Studio 2017 and we appreciate your patience.

Take a look at the Visual Studio 2017 Release Notes and Known Issues for the full list of what’s available in this update, but here’s a summary:

  • The .NET Core and ASP.NET Core workload is no longer in preview. We have fixed several bugs and improved usability of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Tooling.
  • Team Explorer connect experience is now improved to make it easier to find the projects and repos to which you want to connect.
  • The Advanced Save option is back due to popular demand.
  • Multiple installation-related issues are now fixed in this update, including hangs. We’ve also added a retry button when installation fails, disambiguated Visual Studio installs in the Start menu, and added support for creating a layout for offline install.

Apart from these improvements you’ll notice that we’ve removed the Data Science and Python Development workloads. As we’ve been closing on the VS release, some of the components weren’t going to meet all the release requirements, such as translation to non-English languages. They’ll re-appear soon as separate downloads. F# is still available in the .NET Desktop and .NET Web development workloads.

Please try this latest update and share your feedback. For problems, let us know via the Report a Problem option in the upper right corner of the VS title bar. Track your feedback on the developer community portal. For suggestions, let us know through UserVoice.

John Montgomery, Director of Program Management for Visual Studio[/TD]