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    Windows 10 Insider Preview
       30 Jun 2015 #301

    badrobot said: View Post

    1. Not everybody has a good internet connection.
    and 2. The bugs from previous builds are preventing some of us to get the update.
    Well, duhhhhhhh, that's probably what's wrong for me. This desktop is a clean install and the three laptops are updates!

    So far, it seems two out of three laptops refuse to go all the way to update. Got one more to go.
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview
       30 Jun 2015 #302

    magilla said: View Post
    I am wondering if some of the people having trouble downloading have downloaded prior leaked versions that are more buggy and are preventing downloading of the latest build???? Just a thought. As you say, be careful out there...
    Not me, Magilla! I learned my lesson quite awhile back. Didn't do me much good, though, if the official updates won't install, eh?
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    Mystere said: View Post
    The one thing Edge does that IE doesn't, is conserve memory. Opening just a couple of tabs in IE uses hundreds of megs of memory, and having a dozen tabs or so can consume more than 1GB.

    Edge, with 4 tabs open, to pretty large pages and sites, is using less than 120MB. A simple comparison, opening MSN.COM is 13MB, compared to 80MB in IE. I keep a lot of tabs open, so this is a HUGE win for me.
    I only usually have a couple of tabs open so not really an issue for me, but I see your point

    opening for me uses 20MB in IE, no doubt it will go up if I browse around, but that's just opening the page
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  4.    30 Jun 2015 #304

    Kari said: View Post
    Like this:

    I upgraded from 10147 to 10158 w/o any problems. Of course 10147 was an upgrade to 10130, not a clean install. 10147 kept me on the fast ring, clean install of 10147 didn't. Just never seem to know what'll work and what won't. Now, off later on to do a clean install of 10158.
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    ramram55 said: View Post
    Have been doing clean install from 10130 from the insider preview, still no update for 10158. if you google unable to get 10158, there are people howling about this build not on update. It is one foot forward and two feet backward. What a joke.
    Microsoft is under no requirement to make sure that upgrading from any previous beta build to any other beta build will work flawlessly, or work at all. They only need to make sure the upgrade from 7 and 8.x works.

    In other words, if your upgrade from a previous beta works, then great. If not, suck it up and install clean or restore 7/8.x and upgrade from that.
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       30 Jun 2015 #306

    bromanbro said: View Post
    You're right! Default pictures don't seem to work, but solid colors do (purple taskbar with black background is simple n sexy)
    default pic's and background slideshow both work perfectly. no problems with either.

    magilla said: View Post
    I think there is still work to be done! This release is not RTM ready.
    People application does not work
    Store (regular) does not open (Beta store does open)
    Mail does not display other mail sources, only one at a time
    File explorer does not stay open, it opens then closes
    Menu bar closes some of the time when it is opened
    This is what I have discovered in a very short period of time.
    ok, so first of all, people application is working, store is working, mail is working, file explorer does stay open, and i don't know what you mean with the menu bar, but i have no problems with it.

    magilla said: View Post
    I am wondering if some of the people having trouble downloading have downloaded prior leaked versions that are more buggy and are preventing downloading of the latest build???? Just a thought. As you say, be careful out there...
    once again, i have downloaded almost every leaked version, they have all updated perfectly, and i don't seem to have any of the problems others who didn't dl a leaked version, are having. so it isn't the leaks.

    there are a few things here to consider, for those who are still having troubles. first, most of the trouble's that are being reported around the net are because of the previous build, not this new one. so until you sort out the previous build, you will not have a solid install of the new one. next, if your previous build will not let you sort it out, then you can do one of two things, either roll the build back to one of the earlier builds, or update with an iso. i really don't understand why so many people are fighting with windows update, when you can easily dl an iso and update it yourself? lastly, any of you having problems with your previous build can take an image of your programs and data, and then just perform a fresh install from any iso, then restore your programs and data from the image. this is soooo much easier than going through all of what i have been reading on the last ten pages or so. there are iso's out there everywhere now, so it isn't very hard to get one.
    and for those who are having problems with your new build update, it seems that those are lingering problems from the last build. because i have now updated four different computers, all coming from different situations, and all of them are working flawlessly, without most of the problems i am reading reported here. so it's not the new build. it doesn't magically work for one and not another, unless there was something wrong with the other's previous build. one last note, each of the computers i updated, were on the 10147 leak before i updated them. so maybe the fact that 10147 had better settings than 10130 was a key to having a smooth, problem free upgrade. hope this helps at least some of you.
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  7.    30 Jun 2015 #307

    I was able to upgrade without any problem from Win 10130 to 10158 with windows update.

    I see there is a 10174? is this an official preview?
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       30 Jun 2015 #308

    ered said: View Post
    I see there is a 10174? is this an official preview?
    10147 was a leaked build.
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       30 Jun 2015 #309

    groze said: View Post

    Microsoft may sell Windows 10 Home and Professional on USB Flash drives | Windows Central

    I was hoping we would get usb for free for the first year, maybe have to pay for shipping & handling like they use to do with Internet explorer.


    I found the answers on my own.

    Windows 10 Build 10158 Said to Be Last Public Version Before RTM - Softpedia
    Groze, Groze, Groze . . . Consider the source! Softpedia got its information from a Russian leak source . . . And who knows where Wzor got his information? Yes, the leaker is accurate in some things, but in others, he's not.

    As far as a free USB stick's concerned, don't hold your breath. Excerpt from the article you posted: ". . . a new report claims that the stand-alone Home and Professional versions of the OS could be sold in retail stores via a new method: USB Flash drives." What this is alluding to is that Windows may be sold on a USB flash drive by Retailers and has nothing to do with the free upgrade.

    Microsoft is giving us a free upgrade to Windows 10 (we all know the specifics by now), so why would they add the cost of a flash drive and payment to (most likely) a third party company to create a few million flash drives for something that's already costing them a pretty hefty bundle. It's just not reasonable.
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview
       30 Jun 2015 #310

    simrick said: View Post
    and what might that be?
    One of my main reasons is that it's not easy to add a new site to favorites. The other has to do whether FF will work as well with Skype for business as IE does.
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