Windows 10: Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 for PCs Insider

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       29 Jun 2015 #140

    Winuser said: View Post
    I don't think you can. You have to sign in to your MSA to stay in the Insider Program.
    simrick said: View Post
    That is correct.
    May I state my differing opinion?

    As I mentioned earlier, I have two machines, a real physical one and a Hyper-V vm on it, which were both first clean installed with 9879 using a local account. No other accounts have ever been created on those two machines, although of course I needed an MS account to start with, to download the ESD and create 9879 ISO on another machine, but since that both machines have only had a local account, both have always been set to fast ring after an upgrade, and both have been automatically upgraded through Windows Update with every build up to 10130. Have not yet tested the 10158 upgrade.

    You don't have to be an Insider to be on the fast ring, you don't have to be an insider to upgrade. That might change after July 29th but at the moment being an insider is not obligatory. Today you can even download ISO images from Microsoft (10130 at the moment) without ever giving an email, not to mention an MS account.

    The above is not valid. See this post.

    Anyway, for me it's no sleep today :). It's 5:25 AM here and I just finished the first Sysprep tests, customizing the image in Audit Mode. The build 9860 was the last one where Sysprep worked perfectly, since that it's been this answer file component or that feature not working, forcing me to use absurd and comical workarounds.

    But now everything Sysprep / Audit Mode related seems to work perfectly! Have to start editing my tutorials which at the moment include more warnings and workarounds than factual info :).

    A happy camper here!
    Last edited by Kari; 29 Jun 2015 at 23:11.
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  2.    29 Jun 2015 #141

    heyyahblah said: View Post
    Hi, I just upgraded from 10130 and I had my machine at local account and just entered my hotmail address and was on the insider build. After the upgrade to 10158 today I was on my local account but Windows asked me to fix issues with the insider program so I just entered my email and password and thought OK, everything should be OK.

    After I did this, it changed my name and display pic to my hotmail account, I wasn't local anymore. So I switched back to local account it signed me out and back in and now it says again I have to FIX ISSUES with the insider program. How did you get it to stay on the insider program whilst on a local account??

    Previous version was ok, now I cannot for some reason when I go to my local account. :S
    It's another way of encouraging users to switch to MS Account, mine also keep asking me to "fix" but I just ignore it, I don't want anymore insider build, I'll go straight to final release if I decide to upgrade in future.
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  3.    29 Jun 2015 #142

    Updated from 10147 to 10158. It took less than 1 hour from download to desktop. So far I haven't run into any problems. Cortana is actually working for me. It not only listens to me it is opening programs and apps. :)
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  4. IownAmoneyPit's Avatar
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       29 Jun 2015 #143

    In Build 10158 and using the Personalize (Classic) > Color and Appearance desk top menus the Color Intensity, Hue, Saturation & Brightness sliders no longer have any effect of changing Tile Color or Log In Screen Color.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5. blackroseMD1's Avatar
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       29 Jun 2015 #144

    Well, Cortana is still broken for me. When I go to train her to my voice, it just acts as though I said the first phrase, even if I didn't say anything. So, no "hey Cortana" for me.
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       29 Jun 2015 #145

    As it is difficult to admit you are wrong, I need to tell this as a story about someone else:

    This geek, I do not reveal his name, let's call him Firi Kann, posted on a tech site that he had installed build 9879 with a local account and then using this account only upgraded the computer and a virtual machine on it through every build through Windows Update Fast Ring.

    He started to doubt his own words and fired up this PC, and when on desktop also the Hyper-V vm on it. This PC and its vm had been setup only for the purpose to see if upgrades work, and had never been used to anything else. Booted about once a week, let run an hour or so to get the updates and that's it. Upgrade test has worked, both machines always automatically upgraded to next build.

    Mr. Firi Kann had completely forgotten that both machines, the real and the vm, had originally been installed using an MS account, then on both machines he had also created a local admin account without password so Windows always booted automatically to the desktop of this local account. As it is, he had to find a way to admit he was wrong, and not finding any suitable way to do that he decided to write a short story, blaiming someone else :).
    If requested I will provide a mailing address for the Darwin Award.
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       29 Jun 2015 #146

    Thanks for the tips. I hope in the RTM we will be able to keep a local account as I do not want a live/connected account to MS, nor any cloud file sharing services. I like my stuff locally and backed up the old fashioned way. If I want to share anything on my home network, well that's what my USB 3.0/AC wireless router is for.

    Cortana does not work in Canada so I have her disabled and I have my search set to only search locally and not the internet (that is a great relief)

    Did some testing with quick-launch how we brought it back in Windows 7 and 8.1 you can show desktop but tile slide is doesn't work ... haha , I guess its been replaced with the new one we have in the taskbar now, forget the name of it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1st boot.png 
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    10 Gadget pack seems to be working. Audio is working for me now. Edge worked with youtube just fine, but I won't be using it much.

    And lastly, I won't lie I like the startmenu but I miss the search option we had there like in Windows 7 or that we added back in Start8 for Windows 8.1 ... always enjoyed that feature instead of searching for apps, but I guess thats what pinning the tiles now is for, to forget that.

    Version seems a lot more stable then previous. I wonder why no Cortana in Canada but available in USA and U.K. ? Is it because we have two official languages and they don't want to insult the French? Who knows ....
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  8.    29 Jun 2015 #147

    Kari said: View Post
    As it is difficult to admit you are wrong, I need to tell this as a story about someone else:

    If requested I will provide a mailing address for the Darwin Award.
    ROFL KARI! You're so funny.......looks like both of us will not be getting any sleep tonight.

    "Creating ISO File...Writing 963 files to 101 directories to en_windows_10_pro_10158_x86_dvd.iso....100% complete"

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    achristo said: View Post
    Your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully it'll keep phoning home and get the bits when it can. Time to eat dinner and give the brain a rest.
    Hmmm...figured it out...needed to put the Product Key into 10130. Just as soon as I did that the 10158 update appeared. Silly me!
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       29 Jun 2015 #149

    well both of my loads are working perfectly, the upgrade and the clean install from iso. on one partition i am running the clean install with a local account, and the upgrade partition on a msa. so far neither is giving me any grief, and both run very quick, and smooth. i already love this new build.
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