Google's first wave of security changes to convert webmasters to encrypted HTTPS target pages that ask for login data or credit card information.

Beginning next month, the company will tag web pages that include login or credit card fields with the message "Not Secure" if the page is not served using HTTPS, the secure version of the internet protocol.

The company on Tuesday began sending messages through its Google Search Console, a tool for webmasters, warning them of the changes that take place starting in January 2017.

The changes are supported in version 56 or later of the Chrome browser.

The move is a first step in a long-term plan to clearly mark as non-secure all HTTP sites regardless of their content. In upcoming releases of Chrome, for example, Google will label HTTP pages as "not secure" in Incognito mode.

There is no timeline for when webmasters are required to switch all their pages to HTTPS...

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