We’re thrilled to introduce a preview implementation of the Payment Request API in Microsoft Edge, enabling simpler checkout and payments on the web on Windows 10 PCs and Phones. Support for Payment Request in stable builds will be coming to EdgeHTML 15 in the Creators Update early next year.

Payment Request works with Microsoft Wallet on Windows 10 PCs and phones to make ecommerce faster and simpler for customers and merchants alike. You can begin to develop for the Payment Request API today in Microsoft Edge on preview builds, starting with Windows Insider Preview build 14986. The Microsoft Wallet user experience allowing for end to end testing will be available in an upcoming Insider build soon.

Conversion rates in the checkout flow are a key measure for ecommerce sites. 46% of e-commerce shoppers abandon the checkout process during the payment phase, signaling frustration with the complexity and redundancy of re-entering form data or tracking down payment information. Even a small increase in the success rate of checkout make a direct impact on your site’s bottom line, while improving the shopping experience for customers.

In Microsoft Edge, the Payment Request API connects to Microsoft Wallet (with the user’s permission), allowing easy access to payment information associated with the user’s Microsoft Account. Because payment information is securely saved in a digital wallet, shoppers don’t have to navigate through traditional checkout flows and repeatedly enter the same payment and shipping address information repeatedly. The wallet can provide a faster and more consistent experience across websites, which saves shoppers time and effort by allowing them to securely share saved payment information.

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