We just released the DSC Resource Kit!

Since our last release on November 2, we have added 1 new module, AuditPolicyDsc, which allows you to edit your audit policy subcategories and options. Thank you to Adam Haynes for this great new module!
Outside of the DSC Resource Kit, we also recently published an update to GPRegistryPolicy in the PowerShell Gallery. The latest version now includes a DSC resource to help you locally manage policy registry keys.

We have also added two new maintainers to the DSC Resource Kit:

  • Johan Ljunggren (xSqlServer)
  • Daniel Scott-Raynsford (xAdcsDeployment, xCertificate, xNetworking, xStorage)

These guys have shown outstanding dedication to their modules and continue to be invaluable contributors to the DSC Resource Kit. Congrats!

This release includes updates to 15 DSC resource modules, including 5 new DSC resources. In these past 6 weeks, 101 pull requests have been merged and 43 issues have been closed, all thanks to our amazing community!

We are holding the release of xPSDesiredStateConfiguration and PSDscResources until Friday (12/16) so that we can finish updating some of the in-box resources. We will update this blog post when those modules are released on Friday.

The modules updated in this release are:

  • SharePointDsc
  • xActiveDirectory
  • xAdcsDeployment
  • xCertificate
  • xComputerManagement
  • xDatabase
  • xDscDiagnostics
  • xExchange
  • xFailOverCluster
  • xHyper-V
  • xNetworking
  • xSCSMA
  • xSQLServer
  • xStorage
  • xWebAdministration

For a detailed list of the resource modules and fixes in this release, see the Included in this Release section below.

Our last community call for the DSC Resource Kit was last week on December 7. A recording of our updates as well as summarizing notes are available. Join us next time to ask questions and give feedback about your experience with the DSC Resource Kit. Keep an eye on the community agenda for the next call date.

We strongly encourage you to update to the newest version of all modules using the PowerShell Gallery, and dont forget to give us your feedback in the comments below, on GitHub, or on Twitter (@PowerShell_Team)!

As with past Resource Kits, all resources with the x prefix in their names are still experimental this means that those resources are provided AS IS and are not supported through any Microsoft support program or service. If you find a problem with a resource, please file an issue on GitHub...

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