Hi, this is Keiko. We now support VMware VSphere 6.5 on OMS VMware Monitoring Solution. Just for a recap, hereís the VMware monitoring with OMS blog.

We were at the HPE Discover Conference 2016 at ExCel London last week where more than 13,000 customers attended. In the keynote session, OMS Container and VMware Solution were presented and were well received.

We are looking for people who like to give us direct feedback for our next planning session for this solution.

Please be specific about what you want:

For example: Add performance capabilities

  • Provide us the capacity that this is for, such as VM, datasets, FS, etc.
  • What performance are you looking for? (bandwidth, iops, etc.)

How to contact us for feedback

Still havenít tried OMS?

Get a free Microsoft Operations Management + Security (#MSOMS) subscription so that you can try the VMware Monitoring Solution features. You can also get a free subscription for Microsoft Azure.

If you want to just to see an online full interactive demo of OMS, go to OMS Experience Center.

Keiko Harada
Program Manager
Microsoft Operations Management Team

Source: VMware Monitoring Solution updates Operations Management Suite Blog