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On Dec 7th 2016 we released our monthly Insider Slow feature update with build 17.7668 (or higher) for Windows 10 tablets and phones. You can download your favorite Office Mobile apps from the Microsoft Store, or simply click the following links from your device:
Get OneNote
Get Word Mobile
Get Excel Mobile
Get PowerPoint Mobile

What’s new in 17.7668?

As an Office Insider, you're the first to see these new features and improvements below --

  • Lasso select now at your fingertips with Excel Mobile Tap the Surface pen button to use Lasso Select on ink without visiting the ribbon.
  • Select and move objects with greater ease in Excel Mobile Use your Surface pen to resize, rotate, move handles on objects and more.
  • Open more files with Excel Mobile Now you can open files that contain form controls and Scenario Manager on your device.
  • Add multiple Microsoft accounts to OneNote You can now add all of your favorite notebooks to OneNote, even if the notebooks were created by using different Microsoft accounts.
  • Undo easily with OneNote Minds can change anytime! Use the undo button to rewrite and undo your note-taking history.

If you're looking for a full list of features and improvements available to you on your device, take a look at What's New in OneNote, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile.

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How do I give feedback?

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Source: Announcing December Insider Slow update for Office Mobile on Windows - Microsoft Community