Back in late October of 2014, Microsoft made a bold promise. The company said that all Office 365 subscribers would have unlimited OneDrive storage bundled into their subscriptions. After rolling out unlimited storage to some users and expanded storage to others, the firm announced in November 2015 that it would be breaking that promise, citing users that "abused" their unlimited storage... by using it for unlimited storage.

Microsoft said that Office 365 customers would have at least a year before the changes took effect, and it's been almost 13 months. First spotted by one of Paul Thurrott's readers, customers are now seeing a warning that their storage will be slashed to 1TB beginning on March 1.

Indeed, we're seeing it in our accounts as well, and we've reached out to Microsoft to confirm that all Office 365 customers have the same date, but at the moment, it certainly seems like it...

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