A new Windows Store app platform feature called Chaseable Tiles has started appearing in some in-box Windows 10 apps.

Thatís a mouthful, I know. Hereís whatís happening.

At its Build 2016 developer conference back in April, Microsoft announced a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app feature called Chaseable Tiles that would blend notification capabilities with the live display on app tiles in Start on Windows 10. That is, to date, apps have been able to display notifications on the Windows 10 desktop that, when clicked, navigate the user to a specific bit of content inside the app instead of just the appís default display. So, for example, when you get a new email notification and select it, the Mail app will launch and display that email, not your inbox.

But live tiles havenít worked that way. Yes, apps could display specific content on a rotating/live basis, but when you selected the app tile, the appís default view would appear. So in the case of that Mail app, if you clicked its tile when it was displaying the header for a particular email message, the Mail app would appear, but display its default (inbox) view. Not the message.

Thatís changing.

As Microsoft explained to developers at the time, this capability should notóand will notóbe added to all apps. Indeed, the Mail example I used above was illustrative, and when you select the Mail tile in Start, you will always navigate to the default (or current, if the app is already running) view...

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