Maps App Update: version 5.1611.3191.0 for PC and Mobile

Applicable Rings: Fast Store update

Be our local expert!

The world is changing all the time, and sometimes we donít get everything right. Maybe a restaurant you wanted to try is now closed forever, or perhaps your new subdivision isnít in Maps yet. One of our most important sources of information is you, so weíve added more ways for us to hear you and to make Maps even better.

In this Maps update, you can now tell us if something is wrong with the map itself, such as a missing road or a city name in the wrong language, just by pointing and describing whatís wrong. You can also tell us if search isnít finding the thing you want, or if search is doing something silly like giving you a hospital in a list of Italian restaurants. If weíve got the details about a business wrong, such as its location or opening hours, thereís now an easy to way to report that as well. And finally, if we donít know about the hot new bistro that just opened this afternoon, you can be the first to tell us by adding the business information directly into Maps.

Source: Feedback Hub