Hi Windows Insiders,

Earlier this week we kicked off the November 2016 Bug Bash to Windows Insiders on Windows 10 preview build 14959 and 14965 for PC and Mobile. Over the week, we have received great feedback from our Windows Insiders and our engineers are actively triaging this feedback and taking note of things we want to fix. We wanted to thank you for participating in this Bug Bash and providing great feedback.

Just like previous Bug Bashes, all the Bug Bash Quests are now back in Feedback Hub for the weekend. So there is another chance to join us as we also bash over the weekend.

We will be live streaming Bug Bush Quests at https://beam.pro/WindowsInsider this weekend if you want to join us in completing Quests together. We will be online Saturday November 12th from 1-3PM PST (21:00 UTC).

We wanted to share some insights from the Bug Bash:

Top 5 Quests completed in Feedback Hub so far have been:

  1. Play local songs using Groove
  2. Upgrade Time
  3. Cortana - Hey Cortana
  4. Voice Recorder
  5. Try Auto Brightness

We have global participation. Our top countries for participation are:


  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Brazil
  4. Germany
  5. Russia


  1. China
  2. United States
  3. Brazil
  4. India
  5. Germany

Known Issue for Quest:
Users on mobile may not be able to open Quests by click on 'more' option as it take them back to the top of the page. You can temporary workaround this by going back to the Home Page and select the Quests from the Quest list there.

If you have feedback on the Bug Bash or ideas on how to make it better, let us know the Bug Bash Feedback Hub feedback.

Thank you again for being part of making Windows 10 great!

Windows Insider Engineering team

Source: Feedback Hub