Feedback Hub app: version 1.1610.3072.0 for PC and Mobile

Applicable Ring: Fast Ring Store update

Sharing made easier with short URL links for copying and sharing Feedback Hub content

We are excited to announce that with the latest version of Feedback Hub, you can now share feedback items, Quests or any other content easily with short URL links.

  • The web URL links for content are short links (e.g. making them easier to share on social media such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Unlike Feedback Hub URI links, the URL short links are recognized as web links when shared, making it easier for other people to click on them and get routed to the item

To get the short URL links, just click on "Share" button on any of the shareable Feedback Hub content:

You can then copy the short link from the flyout. If you need the Feedback Hub URI, that is still available under "Other sharing options":

If you are using Windows 10, clicking on the link will automatically open the Feedback Hub app for you (you might get a dialogue from web browser to confirm launching Feedback Hub app). If the app doesn’t launch, just click on one of the links in the web page which will cause the app to launch:

A new, more personal, Thank You page

Teams at Microsoft value your feedback, and we wanted a better way to say thank you. So why not show you some of the people (our Community Champions) who are constantly reading your feedback and translating it into improvements in our products and services.

The new Thank you page now features:

  • A more personalized Thank you message
  • A help section. For those of you who need help immediately, you might be able to find some solutions here.
  • Additional information about our process for leveraging feedback.

We are very grateful for your feedback and we hope that this new Thank you page conveys that!

Source: Feedback Hub