Five new features in Paint 3D

  1. 3D Made Easy
  2. Community
  3. Realistic Textures
  4. Unique MEME Creator
  5. 3D Doodle

Our beloved Paint has gotten a major makeover, and it痴 better than ever. In celebration, we are highlighting five of our favorite new features.

3D Made Easy

Manipulate shape and color in a whole new dimension with the easy and simplicity of the Paint we know and love. You can even change a 2D image into a 3D object. Start by creating objects, which you can rotate and see from every side, then add a splash of color with the new and improved brushes, such as transparent watercolor or oil brushes so real that you can see the paint smudging.

Manipulate shape and color in a whole new dimension

Find your inspiration with Community

Paint 3D allows you to easily pull from 3D art in Remix3D.com痴 growing catalog for you to customize, edit, and share. is your online home for 3D content and community. Connect with other creators, showcase your own creations and get inspired.

Pull 3D art from, like this patch of patch

Realistic Textures

Add fantastic new textures or materials such as sparkling gold, stained hardwood, or soft grass to your creations and watch them pop! Make any object come to life.

Add realistic textures to any object to make them come to life

Unique MEME Creator

Personalize shapes with 3D stickers or even wrap your own photos around objects. Stickers automatically wrap around 3D objects and contour to fit. Have fun applying pictures of friends to 3D figurines and emojis.

Add stickers that automatically contour to fit 3D objects

Bring your ideas to life with 3D Doodle

Doodle like never before. In the new Paint, your doodles will jump into 3D. You can even take your drawings for a spin and view them from every side. Let your imagination break free.

Use 3D Doodle to draw puffy clouds

Jump In

Paint can do a lot more than it used to. These are just five of our favorite features, but with a little digging you値l discover tons more. Jump in and explore.

To get started, sign up on and download the Paint 3D Preview.

Source: Five new features you'll love in Paint 3D | Windows Experience Blog