Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 build 10130 one week ago, but this version is only available for users enrolled in the fast ring of the Windows Insider program.

In other words, only users who are willing to struggle with more bugs and performance issues can give it a try for the time being, as Microsoft is working not only to fix these bugs, but also on a brand new build for fast ring users.
Today, Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, revealed on Twitter that Windows 10 build 10130 would also be released to the slow ring, which means that many of the bugs we've already spotted in the initial version will be fixed.
Aul said that there's one more bug to be fixed before pressing the button, so expect this build to go live anytime in the next few days.

When Windows 10 build 10130 will be released to slow ring users, Microsoft will also provide us with new ISOs for this particular version, and as a result, clean installs will also be possible from that point.

For the moment, if you're looking to install Windows 10 build 10130 from scratch, you have no other options than to either download the latest official ISOs and then manually update to 10130 or download the unofficial build 10130 ISOs that were posted online this week.