Windows 10: Is Windows 10 Ready?

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       04 Jun 2015 #30

    groze said: View Post

    That an open source driver that available through windows update.

    Windows 7
    In My computer properties, Click on Advance system settings, choose Hardware tab, click on Device Installation Settings, Choose yes. Save Changes. Close dialog.

    Now insert your HP printer into a usb slot, let windows try to install it, it should install. If not, reboot then try this. Go to device manager, right click on your printer choose update, search automatically for updated driver software.

    What is in bold should also work for windows 10. A reboot may not be needed for windows 10 but it will tell you.
    When will I ever learn, Groze!? Read the manual, Idjit (referring to me)!

    Your Windows 7 instructions were right on until I got to Choose Device Installation Settings, Yes was grayed out, so I had to take the other option. At that point, I needed to plug in the USB cable and HP has hidden it so successfully that even with instructions I can't find it. So on to the manual . . . start scanning for hooking up the USB cable when "Wireless" caught my eye. I read that and voila!

    The printer is in another room and I don't want cables running everywhere (gotta remember to get the USB cable put back up) so I really wanted the printer to be wireless. I followed the instructions and in less than five minutes, the printer was hooked up and a sample document was printed!

    Thank you for getting me started in the right direction; otherwise I'd still be looking for a way to get the printer installed!
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  2.    04 Jun 2015 #31

    Can anyone tell me why they choose for the name windows 10?
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       04 Jun 2015 #32

    michielmulders -> because 7 8 9
    (it's been around for a while) - probably to match Apple X.
    Windows Blue was just a crazy name.

    groze said: View Post
    If I stay with the new preview program after windows release does that mean I don't have to give up my windows 7 licensing?
    I have not seen a definitive answer, but it would make sense if MS hashed the previous OS license (7 or 8) to authenticate Win10. That would leave a previous license authentic.

    While MS may wish to do away with these pesky older Windows, people will want to keep them around and dual boot.
    Sure they're giving away Win10 ... or are they just trading OSes?

    Preview installs will get upgraded - no reservation required.
    I'm thinking that I'll 'go live' with the Win10 preview release on my multi-boot , keeping the other boots (7 & *) intact.

    We'll see what happens on 29 July - it will be interesting.
    This was originally a Win7 OEM box, upgraded to Retail Win8.0, then upgraded to Win8.1 through normal channels.
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       04 Jun 2015 #33

    Maybe after build 10134 or 10136 lands no, it is not.
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  5.    04 Jun 2015 #34

    First off.. how do we define "ready"?? It will be ready when MS releases it.. will there still be bugs.. yes.
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       04 Jun 2015 #35

    Windows 9*

    michielmulders said: View Post
    Can anyone tell me why they choose for the name windows 10?
    I read that it was due to programming shortcuts used in old(?) software.
    When referring to Windows 95 and Windows 98, "Windows 9*" was used instead of "Windows 95 and/or "Windows 98".

    I don't know if that's true though.
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       07 Jun 2015 #36

    lehnerus2000 said: View Post
    I read that it was due to programming shortcuts used in old(?) software.
    When referring to Windows 95 and Windows 98, "Windows 9*" was used instead of "Windows 95 and/or "Windows 98".

    I don't know if that's true though.
    as far as the name is concerned, i don't believe any of that. i think they wanted to separate themselves as much as possible from the disaster that was/is windows 8/8.1.
    now, as far as the question about win 10 being ready, i don't think it is even close. first of all, after four months they still don't have proper support for AHCI. how can you be this far into a preview, and not have fixed AHCI??? this limits adding several of the best ssd's on the market to this os. next, the logon screen is horrrrrrrrrrrrible!!!!! it is more buggy than the first few builds of win 10, and crashes all the time. then you have to look at how terrible cortana is right now. it just doesn't work. and in the few times it does try to work, the sound doesn't work. no, i am amazed they even published the release date at this time, because they have a ton of work to do before converting this to a rtm. ms has way too much riding on this to release a poor copy of win 10. it needs to be excellent, not just good. there are a lot of things they have done to win 10 that i really, really like. but there is a long way to go to make this market ready. don't even get me started on the compatibility issues.
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  8.    07 Jun 2015 #37

    I know that Microsoft has "assured" everyone that RTM really won't matter because they will continue updating Windows 10 after release, but I think that's a bad op. First impressions are everything, as Windows ME, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 have shown us.

    I distinctly remember when Vista was released. It had a ton of issues, and people just assumed that's how Vista was going to be forever. It didn't matter to them that SP1 basically fixed all the bad stuff; the reputation was already ruined by that point.

    Microsoft really should've pushed the release date until October or so and gotten as many bugs worked out as possible. The world and the news media are going to judge Windows 10 based on what happens on July 29, regardless of what updates fix issues after that.
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       07 Jun 2015 #38

    All upgrades available on the release date will be upgrades of existing live eligible installations, it will be possible to reinstall from an ISO once the installation is upgraded to windows 10, but this may not be available on release day
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       07 Jun 2015 #39

    Hey Nigel, with the new recovery system, one won't even need an ISO to have a "Clean Install". Of course when things really go south, we'll need one for DISM to run through, but I suspect a simple recovery drive created through windows will be enough.
    Microsoft has recently announced that Windows 10 will offer users more storage space because the recovery image that manufacturers usually pre-install on their computers will no longer be used for refreshing or resetting the operating system.

    But with this decision, Microsoft actually kills two birds with one stone. First of all, users will indeed benefit from more space because the recovery image, which could take up to 30 GB in some cases, will no longer be stored on the local drives.

    And secondly, if the manufacturer-provided recovery image is no longer used, this means that junkware won’t be there after restoring the operating system in case something bad happens.
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