Windows 10: Windows 10 Release Date July 29

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  1. COMPUTIAC Guest
       31 Jul 2015 #390

    Wynona said: View Post
    And I'm about to pass out here . . . full tummy and 10:00 PM make for a very sleepy gal. Nite.
    Nighty night Wynona.
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    Off Topic,
    We make the kool-aid lime-line a little strong. It enhances the flavor. If you want the instruction I can post in the chillout section.
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  3. COMPUTIAC Guest
       31 Jul 2015 #392

    groze said: View Post
    Off Topic,
    We make the kool-aid lime-line a little strong. It enhances the flavor. If you want the instruction I can post in the chillout section.
    Sure put it in the "Last Post" thread.
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       01 Aug 2015 #393

    Wynona said: View Post
    I've been running with hidden files and folders exposed for so long that now Windows installs with them unhidden. :) Seriously, even when I have clean installed Windows 10 builds, hidden files/folders are exposed. That's how well Microsoft has "learned" my habits. I know they're trying to keep me safe, but it still skeers me!

    The only reason I had for knowing where those folders are is that I have learned to create an ISO from Install.esd and forgot to write down the location the first time I copied it.

    Actually, I don't think I've ever said you can only install by way of updates . . . I generally do clean installs, but have to install the updates first in order to get Install.esd for the clean installs if the ISO isn't available from Microsoft. However, having said that, the two upgrades on my laptops were almost identical to the way "Upgrade This PC" upgraded my desktop.

    I agree! If one has never installed an OS, it would be good to go here to get instructions:

    BTW, on my computer that has been upgraded from Windows 8.1, the Install.esd file has been moved and can now be found at $Windows.~WS\Sources\installx64.esd. Yes, it seems that the name has also been changed.

    1. ESD to ISO - Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 ESD File - Windows 10 Forums
    2. USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    3. Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

    These three sets of instructions will show how to create an ISO from Install.esd, create a bootable flash drive (using the ISO created from Install.esd) for installing Windows 10 and finally, how to clean install Windows 10.

    Disclaimer I now have to make . . . I haven't tried installx64.esd out, but it should work. I wonder also if this installx64.esd will be tied to this particular computer. Sigh . . . more testing to be done now.
    I started unhiding protected stuff many years back with XP so it was nothing for me to do the same with Vista, 7, and the 8 Customer Preview 1st build I ran for a bit. I didn't stay with 8 or bother with 8.1 however since MS had stripped away a number of things besides just the Start menu as well as the problems trying to run a dual boot which resulted in both versions seeing a ton of disk errors back then.

    Converting the esd file into an iso if found after the attempt just made where the dvd previously burned was found to have things missing! I compared that the second usb flash drive and found a large difference on just what folders were present on the 64bit flash drive made up with UltraISO used where one the resources folder didn't make it to optical! Now that became a nice little coaster for anyone stepping out for one!

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    There is an option, when you reserve your free upgrade, via the GWX App, to enter an e-mail address and get an e-mail notification when your free upgrade is ready to go. I declined to do that. it's not mandatory. You could easily miss that option.
    I simply did that automatically back in June when running into the 10 app and the information on reserving a free copy and now have simply been waiting through the rush for the one little email besides the one that came in yesterday to say the download is ready! The VM I had wasn't updated to the last or second TP build and the 64bit simply never did connect online on VM Player. But I got tied up with something else before getting one of those running on the second drive now seeing another upgrade attempt.

    The bad burn simply saw the desktop return without any error from being incomplete there likely a bad blank. The drawbacks of the opticals no less!

    Lee said: View Post
    . . .Could all you good folks take a bathroom break please. . .need to pop up some more pop-corn, and make another pitcher of Crystal Lite. . .Thanks. . .:). . .this is getting better that an Ali - Frazer fight. . .
    Better plan on two pitcher of that stuff since this is going to be another long one with the next upgrade attempt I can see!

    It's Party Time!

    You can imagine my expression(of relief finally that is) when suddenly having the feeling the upgrade wasn't going to hang after the setup's logo screen on the first restart and trying to grab a fast snap of this one!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2cna25k.jpg 
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Size:	181.9 KB 
ID:	27371

    Can't use the snipping tool at post time for sure as well as trying to get a few better snapshots live during the successful upgrade I can add as I was watching how things went!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	o6dyeu.jpg 
Views:	10 
Size:	135.0 KB 
ID:	27373

    I was also keeping track of the time to see just how long the total process would take once the first restart of the four total had been seen.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	eb3ert.jpg 
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Size:	145.7 KB 
ID:	27375

    I was still keeping "fingers crossed" when that came up and changed to the next faster then camera snap!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	f3akau.jpg 
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Size:	215.6 KB 
ID:	27377

    Actually it didn't take that long as I expected it wouldn't. The copy of setup files which seems slow at first and then speeds up didn't take as long due to the previous attempt just having been made before finding the install dvd was coaster time!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6stooj.jpg 
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Size:	146.6 KB 
ID:	27378

    And to see what a difference between previous OS upgrades you still see the exact same black carbon wallpaper on both monitors as well as the same icons pinned on the taskbar at the top of the screen were it had been only to see a few new ones added there as well as the new look for the Start menu button.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2euj1om.jpg 
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Size:	60.5 KB 
ID:	27381

    And finally the last thing to tend to before installing everything that will be tried out as far as apps are concerned was tending to the rename of the second clean install of 7's boot entry to rename that to "Windows 10 Professional x64"! Presently while 7 is still set as the default in the boot order I will be checking to see if like one DiskCheck appearance came up the dual boot of 10 and 7 results in the same drive errors previously seen between the 8 CP and 7 back in 2012! If that comes up by chance the 10 entry will simply be removed for the F12 boot options menu at post here.

    Besides running that app to correct the 7 BCD the find of the mbr which was the reason for finding the BT folder on the second storage drive which is a Sata 3 and not having moved the 7 host's data cable over to OS drive 2 resulted in then seeing 7 go on a second time with all other drives unplugged as the 10 clean install guide recommended since even the previous version can run into boot info ending up on the wrong drive! The second flash drive seeing only the 64bit install was a good write to flash drive by the UltraISO trial download still working well. That was a good litte one we previously had used for 7 and some likely for 8 and maybe 8.1 when not having the Media Creation tool onhand.
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       03 Aug 2015 #394

    Have to bump this thread along a little in regards to some issues you may end up running into as with upgrades typically having problems with previous versions. If not wanting to lose any files or personal data once the initial upgrade takes but for some reason won't see all of the usual programs including your av program up and running well while those stubborn old 98-XP games persist for some reason!

    AS WITH note ANY previous version when brand new expect for a number of updates and updated driver sets from the 3rd parties which comes as no surprise! Pay close attention to the steps outlined in the clean install guide as those will also have an impact and believe me I know that one well on if and how the upgrade proceeds! While the first upgrade seemed a pleasant surprise things like still having the twin storage drives of an array plugged in caused some real havoc until those were unplugged to see the second upgrade success but not yet activated while the first was in a day's time on it's own.

    With the second upgrade older sound drivers and the apps suddenly went on and stay working while the first saw them die quickly! The download and install only saw the download take place! For the av program the 2015 and beta for 2016 downloaded and only after the 2nd saw the 2016 beta jump right on and go to work! So if not preparing to see a quick full clean install following the first activation rename the Windows.old folder to Windows.Backup or something else since the second will wipe the Program Files, Program Files(x86) folder on the 64bit, and users folder! Yet you still keep the first Windows.old as a backup for program as well as user folders.
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  6.    05 Aug 2015 #395

    Finally notified of update... sort of

    I posted last week that I was going to see how long it took before I was notified about being able to upgrade my desktop...
    sygnus21 said: View Post
    I'm trying to see how long this process actually takes. Though I may get impatient and upgrade the Win 7 machine tonight as I need it for testing purposes as a precursor to my Win 8 main rig.
    Well I've still not been "officially" notified, but a routine check on Windows updates revealed this surprise...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Win 10 Upgrade Notice.PNG 
Views:	7 
Size:	20.9 KB 
ID:	28529

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Windows Update.PNG 
Views:	6 
Size:	16.4 KB 
ID:	28530

    Now I just have to play around with my Win 10 laptop some more before upgrading my desktop as it's my main rig. BTW there is no $Windows-BT folder on my drive, so...
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       05 Aug 2015 #396

    Not yet here like I am worried any??? Just finished downloading the 32 and 64bit ISOs for the Home edition as well as already having the 32, 64, and 32/64bit combination ISOs stored! This will allow me to upgrade a 7 Home Premium custom build when the time comes as well as see a clean install for someone who would prefer to swap out a 7 drive on the old case I have to run 10 only and later replug in the 7 drive to run that back and forth rather then leaving it as a dual boot.

    The F key boot menu still works as an option he still doesn't like at all. He also did not want 10 to upgrade over his 8 laptop there and wants a second hard dirve he can swap out to run 10 and then go back to 8. Personally 8 wasn't "my cup of tea"! while 10 is faring much better as I was told when first inquiring and then running 10 on a VM!


    When not seeing any initial successes when trying to upgrade over the temp 7 install on the second drive I wanted to see if it would happen on the 7 then host drive there. It failed! Just now when checking manually as usual on 7 two optional updates were seen and when prompted to restart I suddenly "Drive Cleanup" after having run the Disk Cleanup tool. When finally arriving at the desktop guess what?

    Click image for larger version. 

Views:	6 
Size:	71.5 KB 
ID:	28549

    This is the popup you then if you click on the check error link for the support.

    Click image for larger version. 

Views:	7 
Size:	64.3 KB 
ID:	28550

    Even if the notification did come in now besides the two spams found in the junk folder I already have 10 set up in a dual boot. I'm now just waiting to see when the updates which apparently from this has shown that 10 is ready through the updates there. The cleanup was obviously from the prior failed attempt before the extra drives got unplugged that will effect upgrades in much the same fashion as they would on a clean install and why reviewing the clean install guide can prove useful for the upgrade as well.
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