We are back with yet another app, Backdrop, an open source sample media app developed to showcase a cross-device music experience. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the new background model in the Universal Windows Platform, and specifically focus on how to enable your application to continue playing audio in the background across Windows 10 devices, including Xbox One, delivering a stellar customer experience. In addition, we will show you how we built Backdrop to be a cross platform application by using Xamarin to share code between Windows 10 and AppleTV. The source code for the application is available on GitHub right now so make sure to check it out.

If you missed the previous blog post from last week on Unity interop and app extensibility, make sure to check it out. We covered how to get started building great 2D and 3D experiences with Unity and XAML as well as how to make your apps work great with other apps on the platform. To read the other blog posts and watch the recordings from the App Dev on Xbox live event that started it all, visit the App Dev on Xbox landing page.


Figure 1. Xbox One view

Backdrop is a sample music application that lets a group of friends collaborate on the music selection process and share their experience and music choices. A device is first chosen to be the host device where the music will be played. Then anyone is able to add and vote on tracks on their own device. Each friend can see the current playlist in real time and the progress of the current track on their own device. Each can vote on different tracks to set the order in which they will be played as well as suggest other tracks to be played.

The application has been written for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and tvOS by using Xamarin to share the majority of business logic, view models, playlist management, cloud and device communication. The UI, in turn, is written using the native controls and affordances of each platform. Using the shared project, additional platforms such as Android and iOS can easily be added...

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